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    Though I feel the prices are a bit too high on a couple of things, insta-bought the Leona figure, because Leona. <3

    I'll probably just get the champions I like the most (MF, Graves, Vi, Syndra), hopefully they'll be released at a moderate rate, so I can keep affording them. Guess the amount of RP I'll by purchasing will decrease, in order to save up for these collectibles.

    What to do you guys think? Have you gotten anything yet?

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    Default Re: Rito Merch Store

    The hoodie prices look pretty outrageous. I'm pretty tempted to get the Katarina poster (omg sexy). I should probably pick out something for my brother for Xmas as well.

    I'd probably still prefer most of your art for shirts though

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    wow those hoodys are soooo high..

    I like the rengar shirt and some of the posters (katarina, Janna, Rengar vs Kha'zix!!) I'll prob buy some things after i've done with christmas shopping.

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    From a Rioter on reddit:

    So the hoodie is pretty damn good quality. They will probably release less quality, but cheaper, hoodies in the future.

    I really love the tibbers and poro plushies, as well as the Corki hat. I might buy me some stuff!

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    I spent $100 usd on stuff from the store today. (Christmas presents)

    Pricing explaination

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    Thank God the hoodies weren't made in a Nepali sweat shop.

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    Did you purchase one and are commenting on the quality, or are you commenting on Riots stance on why the prices are so high?

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    The latter.

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    heres my janna poster friends !!!

    We had to cut her down a bit to fit into my poster frame. Kinda glad tho because when she came and i took her out the tube she was all pineappleed up and creased in 1 corner like someone had just stuffed her into the tube??? but she came from Germany to UK in 2 days :o

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    Dat Artgerm tho

    In other news, I gave Jen her present early since she could use a new jacket.


    In case you didn't catch it, my cat Ame wants to eat the poro. He seriously got jealous when I was petting the plushie instead of him. I turned my back on him/the poro and he was already trying to claw it and bite it.

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    i kinda wish i got a poro, ill get one at some point im sure.

    e: my friend sent me a poro for chirstmas lol :)
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    bless her

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    Default Re: Rito Merch Store

    do she has legs?

    well the figures are starting to look pretty decent compared with the first ones, I'll wait for poppy VU and hope they release a figure of it(eve tho lollipoppy would be fine too)

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    Nope :( Its like a beanbag filled stump under her clothing.



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