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  1. Default Anvil my Meister wand into..

    A union wand ? I think I've made this this thread before but the Anvils never went on sale in our Cash shop for months. Its finally back with a discount and now I cant decide whether to Anvil my meister wand into a Union wand, or a Green Turtle Staff(or Ele Staff 7 in gMS terms) ? I cant seem to find any Red Phoenix or Blue Dragon(5 & 6) staves in the FM and none of my buddies have them except the 7.

    The meister wand is basically the blue version of the Scarlet Evil Wand.

    Also what shield should I anvil my Deimos Sage shield into ?

    Other than that, Medal Anvils are also on discount and I cant decide what to Anvil my Dimension Invade Defense Master medal into. Im really digging (left to right) Empress Maker, The Bookworm and World Tree Guardian. Any opinions ?

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    Default Re: Anvil my Meister wand into..

    It would probably help if you posted images of your character and the items you're talking about.

  3. Default Re: Anvil my Meister wand into..

    I was screenshotting the thing while i posted this.

  4. Default Re: Anvil my Meister wand into..

    Idk about the weapons, but I like the empress maker better.

  5. Default Re: Anvil my Meister wand into..

    Can't anvil a wand to look like a staff, I'm pretty sure. For the same reason you can't anvil a 1h sword into a 1h BW or such. It's a different item type. Unless mages are super special when it comes to anvils, or that 'Meister/Union Wand' is a staff, if so forget what I said and go for the ele staff.

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    Yeah I was aware of that no idea why my brain farted. But I already anviled my things and now my Emp staff looks like an ele staff while my Meister Wand looks like the Union Wand.... I saved the meister wand look onto a level 70 tradeable ele wand tho :P

    And isnt the Ame-no-uzume Staff actually a wand while the staff is called a "spirit hand"?

  7. Default Re: Anvil my Meister wand into..

    I've no idea on that, I quit being a mage years ago, and never looked at Sengoku crap(except that sexy ass dagger).

  8. Default Re: Anvil my Meister wand into..

    Anvil Khanjar for your shield? Like a mage using blade staff.



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