Halp dis konfused kaiser?

I haven't played MS in a long time. Basically, this is a "what equipment should I get" question. I have a level 202 Kaiser in Bera. Let's say I have 10-20b. What should I get?

Current Equipment:
Blue Valhalla Helmet
+11 Str
+10 Atk bonus pot
+6 Str bonus pot

Sweetwater Tattoo
[Default Stats]
+7% str pot

Mystic Eye Accessory
+7 attack
+6 str pot

Dark Valkyrie
+22 str
+6% pot
+1% nebulite

Green Lucida Skirt
+13 str
+9% str pot

Dark War Greave
+10 str
+9% str pot

Half Earrings
+8 str
+6% str pot
+1% str nebulite

Tempest Epaulet/Ring/Belt/Pendant
9% str pot basically

High Quality Dimension Gloves [3 Star enhanced]
+21 str
+30 attack
+3% all stat pot

Red Elephant Balloon
+2 str
+10 attack

Nova Truth Essence
[Default Stats]
+6 str pot
+6 attack

Master of All Knowledge [Trying to get Evo Master]

No badge. [Do I get Ghost Ship Exorcist instead?]

Dragon Eblem
+15% PDR

Crusader Codex
+5 all stat
All skill +1 levels pot
+30% PDR pot

ES Square
+4 str
+5 attack

Strong Ring
+12 str
+14 attack
+1 str pot

Evo Ring III Lv. 10
Evo Ring II Lv. 17

All 3 Sengoku Totems

Sweetwater 2H
+59 str
+222 attack
3 star enhanced, 5 scrolls used, 0 slots left, no hammer applied

Leafre Card Set

My guess is that the reason why people are not so hot on Sweetwater weapon is because the armor is hard to obtain? I don't see much for sale in FM. While with Fafnir I can get set effect. I think the FM has emptied out quite a bit since I was last on... Basilmarket is dead too, what's up with that?

Level 202 Kaiser [Main character]
Level 120 Mihile [Cygnus bonus + Link]
Level 120 Mercedes [Link for Teleport and 15% XP boost]
Level 143 Kanna [Link for total damage]

Should I spend $8 on another slot for Demon Slayer for the %Boss link?

Which class is the most OP now and are the classes better balanced? I think there will be a rebalance tomorrow. Are Kaisers still very good relative to other classes? I want to compare it to my friend's dual blade.

And thanks in advance!