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    Default Finland legalises Same-sex marriage
    About time.

    Now the bible thumbers and other conservative yokels are threatening to leave the national church or Finland altogether. Biggest shock to them was that the arch bishop approved the same-sex proposal.

    At least 5 reasons for me to be happy here:

    1. People of the same sex will be able to marry soon.
    2. Many people left the national church because of anti-gay statements made in the media.
    3. Fundies and holy rollers are leaving the national church now because it "no longer represents christian values"
    4. Hopefully the Christian party will move into opposition
    5. Nationalist, Populist, Racist and Conservative party (True Finns) and their supporters are mad.

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    Default Re: Finland legalises Same-sex marriage

    Yay! that is good news.

    Depresses me a bit how close it was though, and I saw on another site the "reasoning" some people gave for saying no, it was truly disgusting to hear some of that stuff in this day and age.

    I believe Mississippi and Arkansas in the US have deemed the ban unconstitutional as well just earlier this week.

  3. Default Re: Finland legalises Same-sex marriage

    Yep. Mississippi deemed it unconstitutional and it wasn't opposed in over a week.

    Most people don't care, only the Klan really gave a sh'it to oppose it.

    Also you can't be angry with the religious citizens. It's their right to believe such things as that, and matters like those don't exactly separate; even if it is something that determines the country. Others, however, are gullible at best.

    Well yeah, Christians don't believe in Marriage between two single sex individuals. They believe a "Union" is fair, but "Weddings/Marriages" should be kept between man and woman. Most Christians believe in this statement. Most others take it far too seriously and cause issues and cause the majority to look poorly due to the minority.

  4. Default Re: Finland legalises Same-sex marriage

    You have to draw a line at some point. Religion has been used to justify slavery, segregation, miscegeny, "homophobia," as well as racism in general. That's not okay, especially if you are actively intolerant.

  5. Default Re: Finland legalises Same-sex marriage

    I say this because my Uncle grew up the way he did, and it passes down generation by generation. It only starts to become accepting when our world has our eldest generation pass on and we become the eldest generation. Not to mention we still have elders in office, making decisions for us. We're also a country based on Relgion, but did not want church and state to mix. It's hard when your values give bias to your choices.

    I'm not saying I'm agreeing with how they run things. But, I can see why they act the way they do. Whether they're right or wrong.

  6. Default Re: Finland legalises Same-sex marriage

    I see your point, believe me I do, but look at the bigger picture. Homosexual marriage is by all means a right an individual has, but by no means is anything as ridiculous as the previous inhumanity we had to deal with. Majority of the United States accept Gay Marriage, even if it's forced and the legislation is passed, that cruel bias is going to stay there until they eventually accept it and allow it into their state.

    Whether or not it passes, it's not a safe state, pick from the other majority which frankly aren't in pomegranate.



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