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    Also they have our favorite curly head.

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    Am I the only one that misses the old Combat Arms more than the old MapleStory?
    And by old I mean before they started introducing all the NX related guns/accessories/characters and all the new modes (for Combat Arms).

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    This game still exists?

    I remember Snow Valley so well. I had the timings so damn good on that map. No one ever seemed to realise that you could hear people walking through the water in that underground tunnel. It was always great getting anywhere between 10~30 kills, running out of ammo on both my primary and secondary before dying, depending on how bad the other team was, or how many hackers they had. And then having 6:1 KDR in CTFs.

    I felt M416s ruined the game for me. I'm pretty sure they had the lowest spread of any assault rifle and above average fire rate so everyone just sprayed in the general direction of a head and got a headshot. Not to be sexist, but the female models ruined the game too. Their hitboxes were so pineappleing not where they were supposed to be.



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