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  1. Unhappy Login Is All Shades Of Unhappy

    Can't login... just times out. Apparently most everybody is having the same problem. Just to randomly speculate I'd say it's possible that DDoSing script kiddies have wizened up a bit and realized that they only need to DDoS the login server and not the entire whole of Maplestory itself in order to effectively bring it down... either that or Nexon just screwed something up... yeah, more likely that. ಠ_ಠ

    On a possibly related note, yesterday evening I was on Mr. Lee's Island when it appeared that map hackers were attempting to try and exploit it... which, was interesting because it seemed to radically increase the spawn rates of certain mobs... but then after around 10 minutes or so every single map became VERY kludgy and laggy... until eventually I got that "hack reason" disconnect stupidity. When I logged back in, it was still being slow/kludgy even on the Island entry map... but then as soon as I left the game was right back at normal speed.

    Oh, never mind, definitely a DDoS attack:

    That's... really kind of sad when you think about it... I mean... Maplestory is basically like a cutesy little baby game when you get right down to it. It's mostly for kids and people who like cute nostalgic pixel stuffs. So to get so absolutely butt flustered over a children's game that you would feel the need to lash out like an angry toddler in a therapy session with the most laughable of script kiddy shenanigans... yeeeaaah... that's just bringing pathetic and sad to a whole new level... we're talkin "pathetisad" here. ಠ_ಠ

    If I were Nexon though I would just take it. Srsly, reverse hijacking DDoS networks is loads of fun! Most of the people using them are likewise incredibly stupid so once you take control it's usually pretty easy to track them down (unless they're smart enough to be using a public network or a proxy).
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    Default Re: Login Is All Shades Of Unhappy

    I vote for Nexon screwing something up ... again. It seems the more they try to "fix" connectivity and server instability issues, the more unstable the game becomes. Ugh.

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    Default Re: Login Is All Shades Of Unhappy

    I just experienced something similar with another game (Brave Frontier). Do I sense a correlation? Probably not but still pretty funny. :b



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