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    How big is the difference between fully 30/15% scroll trace'd and fully prime scroll'd. Not including enhancement yet.

    As in the damage outcome, let say I already have 200% boss 70% pdr.

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    On what? Prime scrolls are always the best option. Just take the difference in stats between the three for variations. They all give fixed values.

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    Boss and Ignore def are irrelevant to this question.
    The difference between Primes and Spell Traces is in the stats (main and secondary), and attack (for weapons).

    What item are you talking about scrolling: weapon, armor, or accessory? What level item?

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    30% give +3 main stat and +7 att
    15% give +4 main stat and +9 att
    Primes give +3 all stat and +10 att

    Do the rest of the math yourself.

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    Primes are 40% right? Primes all the way if you can afford it (I think you need to Prot it after every scroll since it got Boom Chance). I tried making some Nub level 20 equips for my Kanna Training and the best i could pass was 1 15%, 2 30% and 5 70% scrolls. Those % are way too harsh unless you want to invest into clean slates/innocence. It gets worse if you try to prime Fafnir stuff since you need like 500+ traces for each slot.

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    I know about the statistic of those scroll, just that I just recently moved to GMS and I got no friends, no money. Just curious how big are the damage output for those 2. If the final damage outcome is just about 1m-2m, then I will take easy way and go for spell trace.

  7. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    The damage difference depends on your current damage.

    Let's assume for the sake of discussion that you are scrolling a weapon with 9 slots.
    The difference between Prime and 30% spell trace will be 27 attack and 27 secondary stat.

    Now, if the total attack you have (on gear, skills, character cards, etc) is 270, then 27 additional attack is 10% more damage, which is a lot.
    But if you already have 1000 w.att, then 27 more attack is not even 3% more damage.

    The actual number added to the damage might be bigger in the second case (because when you're strong, even a tiny buff translates to a big number), but in terms of what it helps you accomplish, it's less important.

    So, paradoxically enough, the weaker you are, the more you need to go for the absolute best. The paradox is that, if you're weak, it's probably because you can never afford to go for the absolute best.



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