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  1. Default Should I equip this Fafnir?


    I know there's still cubing to do -whenever I get around to it-.

    I'm just wondering if the +2.5k clean range (+3.1k with Medi + MW) and PDR increase would outweigh the -15% Boss.
    Stat window shows 172%Boss and 75% PDR with the SW.

    If it helps, PDR sources are:
    30% Leafre Codex
    20% Arcane Aim
    15% Lumi link
    10% Zero link
    10% SW Staff
    10% cRA Hat
    5% cRA Bottom
    5% cRA Pants
    5% Battlefield Conqueror Title
    (But this "adds" up to 63% unless I'm doing something wrong or missing something. It shows up as 75% in red in my stat window though, like it was being buffed by something.)

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    Default Re: Should I equip this Fafnir?

    CRA Set all the way, since you also get 30% boss damage from it isn't it? Unless you got a scarlet ring or such item that can replace items in the set, and even then it might be good since you can use it instead to have a Superior Gollux Set with Reinforeced Gollux Set (2-3 pieces and 4 pieces sets effect)

  3. Default Re: Should I equip this Fafnir?

    if you have gollux set you also get 30% ignore def

    there also professional 10% ignore def if you have max ambition

    also inner ability can get that too

    some char card effect give ignore def such as 3 pirate set also beast tamer give ignore def too

    look at emblem / 2ndary weapon or shield potential and bonus potential might has those ignore def you might miss out

  4. Default Re: Should I equip this Fafnir?

    I've got a Tyrant Belt instead, and no second pendant slot, so it's not Gollux.
    I also don't have a Pirate card set, and I completely forgot about Tamer's card, I've got that for however much it gives as well.
    Also completely forgot about Ambition too, got that maxed a long time ago. IA is complete junk and I'm still working on that.
    Neither Emblem or Shield have PDR on them either.

    If there's any other info needed, I can look that up and add it later.



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