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    Is it ok to throw a few AEES on my weapon first if i plan to use clean slates in the future to recover the failed slots ?

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    Default Re: Clean Slates & Equip Enhancements.


    However, the amount of stats you get from Enhancing depends on the stats the weapon already has.
    So if you enhance before you get optimal scrolling in, you might not get as much from the enhancing as you could if you waited.

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    thanks! but another question, the spell trace that i scrolled onto a hammered slot failed, will the clean slate recover it ? The bunny event is going on and the innoncence 50% is fairly easy to get right now. I heard innocence recovers hammered slots, but im not too sure about clean slates. An upcoming hot time in december will be giving away 100% clean slates, so should I just wait for that or just innocence and rescroll it ?

    Im being particularly meticulous since i've never spent so much mesos on a weapon before >< (replacing an empress set costs a bomb in msea)

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    The clean slate will recover a hammer slot, if you innocence it, you'll have to hammer it again. It really just depends on if you did poorly enough such that it'd just be cheaper or easier to innocence it, hammer it and try again vs trying to clean slate it.

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    Default Re: Clean Slates & Equip Enhancements.

    Also yes, the clean slate will recover a Spell Trace slot.

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    alright thank you guys! I think I'll just clean slate it with the free 100% clean slate and use some lucky day scrolls to finish up the 4 slots. But anyway thank you again!



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