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    I'm in Windia, the land where no one levels (or at least not very many) so I've been unable to really test this at all, so I'm wondering if some other people in other worlds might be able to shed some light on it.

    Basically, at least in Windia, during like 2X events the lesser drill halls are always cram packed with people (ever since they nerfed the one end map with all the knights) but the experience gains aren't really all that great (at least beyond level 210). On the flip side, I often like to go to the Ancient Golem map during 2X... but then I'm the only one there... like... ever.

    It seems like the experience gains ~should~ be better with the Golems, but obviously I can't know for sure because there's never anyone to party with. So I'm wondering if it's a question of logistics or if I'm missing something completely.

    Granted the map is a LOT bigger and there's no real safe spots... buuuut, my theory is that if you had an HSer and a Kanna, both using Sun Chairs on the left and right side, in conjunction with FOUR attackers with wide area skills (like Dawn Warriors or Xenons) that are at least 300k+ range... then in ~theory~ the experience gains should be significantly higher than the drill halls.

    ...but, like I said, there's not that many people in Windia with high ranges and/or who are interested in leveling so this theory is next to impossible for me to actually test. So I'm wondering if anyone has tried it in any of the other worlds and, if so, were the experience gains higher and, if so, how significant an increase are the gains?

    It actually strikes me as a bit odd that more people aren't into leveling, since they removed the 999 cap on primary attributes. Granted leveling past 210 is a major pain, but the overall range increase seems to be quite worth it. I mean, going from say 210 to 220, that's like 50 STR (or whatever your primary) being dumped right onto one of your equips!

    The only other means I've found to generate any worthwhile experience is from Mr. Lee's Island... mostly from the repeat quest where you collect the three items. If you conserve raptors (only killing one when needed) and basically spam the heck out of the up button on the portals until you get a white rhino, robot or raptor map, then you can easily generate upwards of 3% to 5% experience in an hour (depending on how lucky you get). I think the most I ever got was close to 4% at level 212 within the one hour time limit.

    Oh, also, if you used a 2x quest experience coupon you could potentially get a LOT more... although I don't know if those work past level 200.

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    The last time I remember testing golems map, it was on par with Hall of Honor depending on your circumstances, and yes would require HS and a Kanna too for best optimum experience. So from that, we can assume its better than Drill Hall but most people are too lazy to go there or can't afk there, or cant provide the members. This is assuming you have non leeching kanna and HS too unless your 2nd guy is a person with HS I guess. Another place you can try is those Amoury maps a few maps across from Drill Hall, provided you are training with others, its not a good solo map. Sadly, I know mostly lums and DS goes there. Kritias invasions I heard are pretty decent too, but its really iffy, I would say loses to drillhall by quite a bit because its not consistent. You get random strength of mobs depending on how many participants, kanna and HS would help but if you had those probably better off soloing with 2 of those as mules. The good news is its still good for lower lvls, but I'm sure anyone training from 220+ would prefer to find consistent areas. The only good news is, at least you can farm boss tickets from these invasions, so its not for nothing lol.

    I wouldn't give too much opinion about leveling up however, because it uses too much time for most of us to bother. While the AP stats are ok, a lot of the time its all about funding and after 220 is really where the levels are truly hard to gain in my opinon. I do have a little bit of 210-220s myself but its troublesome. I'll end the talks about that here. No need to reply on this last part haha.

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    The only problem is the party bonus that Warrior grounds gives, 20%. AFter about 2 or 3 members the exp rate share ratio goes way down, and so this is why people still preffered HoH over Golems back then unless they were a wide area attack user (going to use your term here) with a kanna and an hser outside the party. The only upside about it would be the amount of mobs/the rate of killing that would make up for some of the exp lost from the party play.

    Also being from the same server the reason people might not be around (well for warrior grounds it's because people don't really like the area) is because; A people are thinking maple is getting too boring and there's nothing to look forward to so they quit, B School and not enough time to play, and C the fact that some people in Windia don't want to bother training (I'm not actually sure what it's like in other servers anymore so I'm not too sure about that).

    I think most people stop leveling after 210 (or after 200 sometimes) is because they don't see any merit in it. It's just a status symbol of "Wow I have the dedication to hit cap level" and that most people wouldn't even view it as a range increase because of the fact of they've already got their range pretty much settled from their equips in the first place.

    No exp cards don't work past 200.

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    Yeah 210 to 220 is really stretching things and every ten levels after 200 it seems to increase exponentially on the required experience. I'm thinking I'll probably stop actively ~trying~ to gain experience once I hit 220 (or maybe 225 at most).

    I think the only real plausible way after that would require either constant 24/7 leeching, shared accounts or the use of bots (the later of which will likely just get you banned).

    I usually tend to level/grind when I'm watching tv shows, anime or movies, basically multi-tasking.

    I already have the highest leveled DW in Windia by like... 6 levels I think, so it's kind of a moot point on the whole "status symbol" front... plus I don't think most people really care (at least not in Windia). My main motivation is just gaining extra STR since I'm not really "funded" in the traditional sense (as far as dumping real money into the game).

    I think eventually I'll probably wind up tapping out at around 500k to 700k at most. I have around 350k now, with mostly clean CRA equips and superior Gollux equips. Still need the superior pendant though and I only have a Tyrant cape. I think once I get those two things though and once I get some more miraculous chaos scrolls of goodness or whatever they're called (and maybe some semi-decent nebs) then I should be able to get up to at least 500k... but I think the only way to really go past that would be to either keep leveling somehow past 220 or resort to buying cubes to try and get "legendary" potentials... which I think is probably near impossible because I've used literally HUNDREDS of freakin cubes (mostly the freebie ones that pop out of rare veins/plants) and I've never really gotten much better than "epic" and even then usually nothing over 6% to 9% STR or ATT.

    I think I have around 300 or 400 cubic blades saved up (chaos and regular)... but I don't think that would even make that many cubes... probably less than 100 I'm guessing. So at most I ~might~ be able to get like... my sword with legendary potentials... but probably that's it... and I'd have to sacrifice my entire hoard of cubic blades to do it. I think I have like four more possible upgrades to my sword, if I can get enough clean slates, but I was only able to save up 4 extra +10 attack scrolls and at 50% I'll probably be lucky if I even get two of them to go through. So unless they do another uber awesome scroll event I don't think I'll be able to get it "perfected" on that front. Although even with those scrolls I think I only have two leftover protection scrolls so I'd have to get at least a couple more to even try and use all four.

    Ultimately I'd like to try and get my main strong enough to be able to do CRA runs, which I'm guessing probably requires at ~least~ 500k range.

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    As some people here said: Training is boring, at high levels it gets even more boring because it requires too much time grinding to get some poopy %. True that you gain 5 AP that will increase your range, but for most people the amount of work they have to put into lvling to get that 5 AP is really not worth it.
    Most bossers prefer to cube to increase their ranges and get some exp while bossing (it is fun compared to mindless grinding).

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    I can agree with people saying training is boring, heck ever since i came back to the game i haven't seriously trained ever since the nerf to Lee's Island (Those 2 weeks where the best of my maple life,166->190, 110-170,0-170,110-160 and like 5 link mules from 0 to 120, too bad i wasn't there since the start :( ). Nowadays i just get my exp from lazily doing:

    -Commerci Voyages
    -Bossing (Regular Zak, HT, Von Leon, Hilla and Gollux if im alone)
    -Sometimes DIPQ (1-2min on the first 2 stages only nets me like 0.5-1% exp)

    and nothing much. Too bad merching doesn't give you Exp lol.



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