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Thread: Rare Mob Drops

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    This thread is to catalog some of the bizarre and off the wall stuff you can get from various mobs in Maplestory. "Rare" doesn't necessarily imply it's near impossible to get either, but "rare" in the sense that often only ONE particular mob drop the item in question. I'll add more laters! Some of these might not be completely rare... like the Ancient Korean Bow, the Mystic Shield and the War Fan and such, you might be able to buy those in the Ninja Castle... but they might cost a lot (and might be limited on the number you can purchase).

    Transparent Claw - Claw

    Knockout Boxing Gloves - Claw

    Big Hand - Claw

    Black Electric Guitar - Pole Arm

    Boleadoras - Staff

    Pink Shiner Crossbow - Crossbow

    Red Rose - Pole Arm

    Horoscope Net - Two Handed Axe

    Heart Key - Staff

    Guan Yu Polearm & The Nine Dragons - Pole Arms

    Brown Electric Guitar - Pole Arm

    The Jackal - Gun

    Slime Stick - Dagger

    Pepe Beak - Dagger

    Cupid's Crossbow - Crossbow

    Blue Shiner Crossbow - Crossbow

    Horoscope Bow - Bow

    Cao Cao Bow - Bow

    Bow Of Magical Destruction - Bow
    Mystic Shield - Shield

    Ancient Korean Bow - Bow

    Guitar - Two Handed Sword

    Sky Blue Umbrella - One Handed Sword

    Black Umbrella - One Handed Sword

    Japanese War Fan - One Handed Sword

    You might need at least 2 or 3 hours of grinding for each... unless you get lucky. I recommend using a spider, a greed pendant and at least one drop rate increase inner ability.

    These are good mobs to grind on for mules. I mean, you need to level your mules anyway so you might as well kill two birds with one stone. Leveling might be a bit slower than with Roids and such, but you get better stuff out of it. Spiders are also good to grind on cause you can easily sell the familiars you get for 5 mill a pop.

    Also, quick question... should I, or should I ~not~ include "lesser" rare items? For example the Dark Avenger:

    It's "rare" in the sense that you can't buy it in any of the town shops, but it's a slightly more common drop than the CS copycat items. Or maybe I should make a separate post/thread for those?

    Oh, if you want access to even MORE rare equips try the haunted mansion (there's tons and tons of rare equips) or try Malaysia via the Tour Guide NPC. I'll probably make separate threads for those at some point (that's what I've done on other Maple forums).

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    How're you going to hunt a Lorang when they aren't available.

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    Some presently aren't available (at least in GMS), but hopefully they'll be back soon... hopefully. I was a bit disappointed with the new Mushroom Kingdom addition, because a huge swath of mobs seems to be permanently wiped out with potentially no chance of return... so that pretty well sucks. I'm hoping they don't do the same with the other sections when they're brought back.



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