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    I took the old/outdated one and fixed it up a bit with the new additions...

    Currently there are 735 familiars in the game, however only 730 will actually show up in an owl search at present (not sure which ones don't). Also there are 65 that just show up as "familiar" in owl searches and may no longer actually be in the game... or if you try and use them they might just go *poof* like some of the botched mounts. Most of those are the letter familiars I think.

    If you have an image editor it's pretty easy to make a check off list, or reverse check off list. This one is mine...

    The ones darkened out are ones I don't yet have (presently clocking at 499). If you want to make one like that just create a new layer in Photoshop or whatever, set the transparency to below 100% (mine is set at 75%) and then cover the ones you don't have (or do have) with solid black boxes. Or just cover the entire layer and then use the selection tool to chop out portions as needed.

    Alternatively you could just print it out and then use a black marker to cover the ones you already have. Either way works. :)
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    Default Re: Current Familiar Image List

    man some of them are impossible to get much sad

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    Well, on an upnote it is theoretically possible to get just about any familiar... if you spend real money and buy the card packs in the Cash Shop... downside is that if someone gets a real rare one they usually keep it for themselves or, if they do sell it, they often sell it for billions and billions.

    I ~think~ they also do cycles with the booster packs, where certain cards are more likely to come up at certain times than others. Like last month that one pumpkin with the witch hat was a very common find in shops (usually for around a 100 mill).

    But yeah, I think some are pretty well gone for good, mostly the letter ones. I don't think those even show up in booster packs.

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    I probably missed it but I don't see Oda Scout here.

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    Ahhh, I think you're right, I think that one is missing. I'll have to update it. Let me know if you spot any more I missed.

    I think Oda Onmyouji is also missing.

    Okay, added in those two. So that makes 735 total then.

    Ahhh, found a way to track the ones that are botched in owl searches...

    Basically the letter ones and then the bounty hunter ones and some of the alien/techno ones (not sure what those are from). Those might be permanently gone from the game. :(

    Errr, scratch what I said earlier, I'm over 500 now...

    *does a little dance*

    This guy suddenly had a whole horde of high level familiars on sale for real cheap... so I bought them... AAALL of them! o_O

    PS - Anyone in Windia wanna trade a Hawkeye familiar for an Oz familiar?

    Scratch that, sold it for 600 mill (bought it for 100 mill). :D
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