Since Ch1 its dead (Well most of maple), its difficult to find people to do them without an active guild, so anyone that wants to do voyages around 13:30-18:00 PST add me as an account friend (Since i jump around several chars), name is BlueFenixR.

Level Range: Preferably 190-200 to avoid accuracy issues (I'm 195).
Damage Range: As a paladin, i need around 150k+ to comfortably kill Levyathin V2 on Lith Voyages, so somewhere around that range or a little less (Since we will be 3 people killing it).
Drop Sharing: Per turn, decided by order of joining the party.
Party Limit: 3.
Time Available: 13:30-18:00 (1:30Pm - 6:00Pm) PST