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  1. Default Relation Stats / Att

    Could anyone please post here the formula to calculate the relation between stats and att? the one that was supposed to be here and helps calculate how many primary stats points = 1 att and viceversa... if you know it of course.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Relation Stats / Att

    The formula is trivial: Stat / Att
    Where Stat is your base stat plus whatever +stat you get from gear or skills (but not %stat), and Att is the sum total of Att on your gear and buffs (again, excluding %att buffs or potential).

    The problem is counting these things. We briefly had Att in the character stats window, but no longer do, and the split in the stat (base+bonus) is in the "wrong" place as part of the bonus is +stat and part is %stat. We have too many sources for both stat and att: equips, skills, link skills, character cards, inner ability, monster life.
    So what I do is compare the effect on my range of drinking a stat potion (any alchemist can craft you a +3 or +6 stat potion) to drinking an attack potion (warrior potion from any potion shop will do).
    For example, if a 5 attack potion raises my range 1940 points, while a 3 str potion raises it 336 points, then
    1 str = 112 damage
    1 attack = 338 damage
    so for this character, 1 att = 3.02 str



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