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Thread: Spell Traces.

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    Can anyone from GMS/KMS please enlighten me on the amount of stats added for Chaos RA eqs with 15% scroll from Spell Traces?
    Doesn't seem to have any data around.

    Quite urgent as MSEA will be getting the patch tmr and I want to decide to finish scrolling my eqs with Pam Song (Which will be removed) or not.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    +9 att and +4 main stat at a 15% chance for weapons.
    +10 DEF/M.DEF and +7 main stat, +120 HP (+470HP for demon avenger) with a bonus +1 ATT/M.ATT every 4th success at a 30% chance (there is no 15% scroll) for armors.

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    Many thanks!



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