Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a connection issue. I log onto Maple, enter my world, and after 2-3 minutes I get disconnected.* After the disconnect an error message window pops up saying Hackshield Error 0x00000000(0).

I've tried stepping through the steps outlined on Ayumi Love's page (link attached). I have had no success and continue to get disconnected.

*Exceptions: There are some random occurrences when I train on monster maps, I am able to maintain the connection and stay logged in normally (If I don't get disconnected after training for ~15 minutes I know that the connection is good and that I can afk in FM or do whatever else I want). But this happens randomly. Other times when I'm training I get disconnected (If I am in FM or if I don't kill any monsters I get disconnected without fail).

Ayumi Love's page


Here's a picture of the error message.

Error Box