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  1. Default Election Day 2014

    So, who voted? Who did you vote for (if you want to disclose this)? Are you planning on voting today? Did you already vote? etc etc

    Election Day 2014 thread obviously.

  2. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    Is it weird if I don't care unless it's a presidential election?

  3. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    Very weird and also very irresponsible.

  4. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    I refuse to vote given I make no effort to keep myself informed about the issues.

    That and I totally forgot to get an absentee ballot, and I'm probably not even eligible to vote anymore, to be honest.

  5. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    I voted, want to keep my current comptroller, and with legal marriage out of the way (in this state) i actually slighted more towards republicans this go around.

  6. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    I voted but only because someone took me to vote, I wouldn't have done it if I had had to go on my own, it's not that important to me or even to the political process if you aren't in one of the key states during the presidential election/at all if it isn't. The person that put out the most ad money is almost certainly going to win, because most don't vote based on facts, they vote based on feeling.


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    Default Re: Election Day 2014

    As a US citizen living in Canada, I'm not even sure who I would vote for if there was an easy way for me to do so.

    I'd probably lean towards libertarian/green party candidates, though.

  8. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    I live in Texas and am a Democrat. Even if I had a shot at having my vote count towards something I have more important pomegranate to do usually.

  9. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    Im curious as to whats more important than exercising your american right that people are currently and have fought for generations?

  10. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    It's a large mindset of "my vote doesn't matter" that's a problem. Yes, your one singular vote may not matter. However, once you get a room full of people who think similarly, it's a problem. Not to mention the President election has a smaller impact on your life than more local elections anyways.

  11. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    I didn't vote, because there was actually a problem with my voter registration. Somehow it magically became invalidated over the course of five years since I registered when I was in college, and I didn't learn about this until yesterday. It sucks, there's a lot of stuff going on in my state that I need to be a part of, but I wasn't responsible enough to get my ducks in a row in time. God, I don't want my state to go back in time. pineapple you, Amendment 1!

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    Default Re: Election Day 2014

    Just went over all the propositions, heading out here soon to vote.

  13. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    I have just came back from the polls.

    Shame on those of you who think your single vote doesn't matter by the way. This is a fallacy. By not voting you are implicitly voting for the person who managed to get the majority/plurality. You are saying something much more worse than "I don't care". You're saying "I don't care and I'm going to vote on the winner, whoever that is". Don't you see how this is a destructive decision? You complain about the country being corrupt and broken and not vote on the most important election. This is the election where local people are up for re-election along with every member of the House in congress and 1/3rd of the Senate. How is this not important? They are the ones who make laws which is much more important than a president who just formalises the acceptance of said law.

  14. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    I voted, and I hope the best man wins. (Ironically I feel more irritated about the elections than anything else right now.)

  15. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    I voted, but I really only did so as a placebo. Both sides are going to destroy the country in most cases, the only real difference is, which one will destroy it slightly faster than the other. So, voting for me is really just me trying to trick myself that anything I do actually matters in the long run. In many cases, most of the worst people in my state ran unopposed. How do I vote against them if they are unopposed? Sure, I can just write in "horse" or something else nonsensical in the write-in section, but that's essentially the same as not voting, and if a person isn't on the ballot and needs to be written in, they AREN'T going to win, it's absolutely impossible given all the people that just check the "straight vote" box without looking at the people.

    Also, Grimes just conceded (at 55/42, 40% voters in, not sure why she conceded this early), so Mitch is still in the seat.

    Republicans are now +7 and gaining, this is probably the only time in years that conservative news media has UNDERestimated the lead Republicans will hold over Democrats. Grab the popcorn, pomegranate's going to happen, probably mostly bad pomegranate, but bad pomegranate is more entertaining to watch than no pomegranate at all.
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  16. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    Amendment 1 seems to be on the path to passing in Tennessee. Further reason to leave this nightmare state, even though we are going to have wine sold in grocery stores soon (finally). In an article for a local newspaper website, a man interviewed concerning his vote on the amendment had this to say: " would allow state lawmakers to establish common-sense regulations for a medical procedure." Oh man, you are pineappleing pineappleed in the head, sir. I replied, "'State lawmakers' and 'common-sense regulations' cannot possibly be in the same sentence." I don't fully understand why people here complain endlessly about government involvement, and then hand over very personal situations to some old white man (accurate assumption for this state) that they don't even know. It baffles me. It is beyond comprehension. Someone explain this to me as if I were a newborn child. ACTUALLY, EXPLAIN THIS TO ME AS IF I WERE A REPUBLICAN. Please, dumb it down as much as you possibly can.


  17. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    I'll start this by saying that I'm not american and that I don't know how specifits work there... hell not even here, but I've always been curious about this thing my grandpa and I read when I was still in school.

    It was an article, right before presidential elections here in Colombia, and it talked about blank/protest vote, what it's supposed to mean and how we don't use it despite knowing and constantly complaining about how shi'ty our politicians are. It's always one candidate vs another candidate, even if we have more than just 2 parties, in the end the focus goes to just 2 of them. But it doesn't matter, everyone is pure shi't. Always. We could have 100 candidates and they would all suck. All of them. So why vote for one of them? Why go for "I'm voting for the lesser shi't" or similar? In the end, you're being just as useless as them. The article ended by saying that if the majority was blank votes, despite having a shi't elected, it would send a message, unlike not voting.

    Now, I'm not really invested in american politics, I only have so much patience to deal with extra retardedness politicians pull in a different country but some posts here feel the same. It reminds me of that South Park episode where Stan is forced to either vote for one of two shi'ts or abstinence, and he's not even given the option of blank vote, is it just not a thing there? Or has it lost its meaning like it did here in Colombia? To me not voting can mean anything from too lazy, doesn't care, clueless, whatever while the other means that you're pointing out how dissatisfied you're with available candidates.

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    Default Re: Election Day 2014

    This has always been my voting motto.

    As a CA voter, the most interesting things are always the propositions. Unfortunately this year, I wanted to pass about half of each of them while rejecting the other half. There's nothing quite like deciding between a rock and a hard place. I'm a bit disappointed in myself this year because I waited to the last minute to do my research and ended up getting sick so I made a few decisions more out of frustration and first impressions than usual.

  19. Default Re: Election Day 2014

    This is what that episode was based entirely on, politics.



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