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    Hello SP. Lets talk about dorming for a moment. What is your opinion on this subject?

    At most universities, you have a few options in regards to on-campus housing. Usually, these include the single room dorms, the standard doubles, large doubles, and single doubles (reserved for staff). I'm currently in a standard double. I'm considering moving to a single, but I'm worried about the implications that might bring for my social life/the loneliness that might come with having a single. Singles generally tend to be more expensive than doubles (this is not an issue). I'm interested in hearing the experiences of other SP members who have also lived on campus in dorm rooms. Thoughts?

    The current roommate comes in at insane hours of the morning, 4 AM or so. The doors tend to slam very loudly behind him. Even with the best earplugs I've been able to get my hands on, it still tends to wake me up.

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    Having a roommate is entirely overrated. Alone time is invaluable.

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    Living off campus ftw.

    My experience living in a dorm: super chatty roommate, she would even try to get in on the conversation I was having with my boyfriend over skype (cuz we had the whole long distance thing going on). It was hard to study and get homework done because she was alwaysssssss talking. She was nice, though. So she had that going for her. As for the floor I was on, guys were nice enough but not really talkative, they were more interested in doing stupid things (like making a giant plantain out of snow) and one night stands. One guy admitted that he wasnt even there to graduate, he just liked the college party life.

    I made friends with two girls on the floor and we would hang out pretty often so that was nice. I still keep in contact with them via Facebook occasionally.

    The shared kitchen was beyond gross. Dishes sat unwashed for weeks. Don't get me started on how nasty the stove was.

    Second semester roommate: quiet awkward girl. She was friendly, just seemed a bit odd. Was gone most of the time.

    As of now, I live off campus, probably about 20 minutes north of the Univeristy I'm now attending. I live with my boyfriend and we're usually out doing things, like climbing up a mountain or hiking some trail, on the weekends. Neither of us are really party people. Can't say I really hang out with many people from school. Maybe 2-3 classmates occasionally.

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    Current roommate is usually always gone. When he is here, he brings women with him. Hes black, and I'm white, so we have a lot of cultural differences. I'm not racist, but Black Gospel (this is an official genre of music) isn't really my thing, nor is R&B. None of that really matters, though, compared to his insane sleep schedule. Doors slam at absolutely stupid hours of the early morning, between 2-4 AM. I never say anything about it, but it doesn't help when I get told point blank to invest in an eyemask and earplugs at 2 in the morning (without complaining about his habits to him at all). He's a nice guy, I don't hate him or anything. But we have absolutely nothing in common, and we're not very close. When he does sleep, its usually during the day; This makes it difficult to get much done. He's borrowed a small amount of money and eaten a bit of my food. Don't mind that too terribly much.

    I remember one week where he had "studied so hard with this nice little lady last night" that he "decided to have a cuddle session". For a few days. Couldn't turn the lights on at 3 in the afternoon. Had to go elsewhere for a few days. There are also the days where he would stay up into the late hours of the morning watching movies with a girl in our room on a massive 50 inch plasma, which is kinda hard to ignore if you're trying to go to sleep.

    What redeems all of this is the fact that I had an outstanding roommate last year. I didn't have much in common with him either, but we got along great, and he was very very considerate. But then again, that was at a Junior College, and this is university.

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    Personally, I enjoyed the singles way more than when I had roommates.

    First year: 4 people, 4 bedrooms, 1 apartment style room (2 bathrooms for 2 bedrooms to share). My bathroom-mate was horrible, he would shave and leave his cut hairs all over the sink, pubes all over the toilet. It was disgusting, so much so that my mom came and visited, freaked out and started yelling while cleaning the bathroom, and all my roommate did was slowly close the door. My other two roommates were good and bad. 1 became a good friend, while the other brought his 17 year old girlfriend over (he was 22) and drink and have sex, and take showers together. I should also mention that he would setup an entire drum kit in his room, and play it at like 10 AM in the morning, and having all the doors closed were not enough to dull out the noise from it.

    Second year: After not getting an RA position and having issues with my financial aid, all that was available was a small single room in the freshmen dorms. It wasn't bad, I was in a room to myself, but it was tiny. Just enough room for me bed, my 46inch TV, a desk and a desk chair. It was nice though, I had some fun times hanging out with girls and watching movies with them.

    Third year: I was an RA this year, and was put into a real apartment, but had 2 "roommates" that were also my residents. This wasn't bad either, I had a bedroom and a bathroom to myself, and the bedroom was almost twice as big as the one from the year before, plus it was free for being an RA. My two roommates had to share a master bedroom.

    Fourth year: This one is an exception, because the room was a staff apartment while I was a student staff supervisor. It was a big 1 bedroom apartment with a living room and a kitchen/dining area. I lived alone in it.

    Beyond that, I can honestly say the only thing keeping you from having a social life while living on campus, or really going to school in general, is you. There should be plenty of events happening, and you should be getting out and meeting people and making friends to make it better.

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    Well, I only lived on campus in first year, they don't have enough space to house upper years. First year was fine, most of us got along with the exception of two people, and they didn't get along mostly because of one of their boyfriends which is a different story. I still talk to 3 of them fairly regularly, we're actually going to have dinner together tomorrow. After I moved out I lived with 2 people from my floor in first year, a girl's boyfriend, and one of his friends in his program. That was nothing short of a disaster because of immensely clashing personalities between one of them and me. In third year I didn't really talk to my roommates, I was mostly in isolation. This year I have good roommates again, we talk a lot and get along quite well.

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    I was a pretty big loner in HS, and even though most other people annoy the f'ucking shi't out of me, I cannot express how beneficial roommates were to me.

    I'd still be a hermit with almost no social interaction if I had lived alone in college. Instead, I'm a hermit with medium social interaction. It's a start.

    One of my roommates is in China this semester, and his room was taken by a mutual female friend (paid under the table, she's totally not allowed to live here). I should note I'm in an apartment.
    Holy f'uck is she messy / loud / spoiled / annoying. Drives me insane some days. We (four in total in the apartment) have had some serious bonding nights and these are people I'll be friends with for the rest of my life.

    In general, to any gamer that doesn't really want/care about social interactions -- I highly recommend roommates. Life is pretty boring without socializing.

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    Freshman year I wanted to live in the Units of CAL berkeley because that's where all my friends and family said things happened and people had LOTS of fun. Thing is, the dorm situation is a literal lottery and I barely got a dorm. It was the all guys dorm, Bowles Hall. Now generally I've heard great things about it- it's got amazing history, it used to be the athlete's only dorm, and it was like living in a fraternity house without the Fraternity.

    Bad news: I literally got the one year where every single person on that floor was a HUGE introvert and stayed to themselves. It was ridiculous. When all my friends made TONS of friends on their floors, I couldn't name a single guy on that floor besides my roommates. I mean my roommates and I brought in a TV AND Super Smash Bros and left that door open almost all the time- not a single person took interest. We had Smash bros Melee with 4 controllers- the ultimate party game that all of the super nerdy people like me would be into. Not. one. Soul. To make things worse, the school decided to test a new method of dining hall- a la carte and no longer served late-night meals. All my friends were in the units- a 20 minute walk at midnight through campus. It was a lonely walk to and from. And my friends came out in their pajamas. The place ancient, so everything was a run down piece of junk and there was dust everywhere. My roommate woke up at 2:30 in the morning when I had 8 am classes, which pissed me off. He also couldn't wake up with a single alarm, so he had 2 cell phone alarms go off AND A pineappleING BOSE STEREO. Do you know how LOUD that pomegranate is at 3 in the morning? Oh and it's not by his head since he's on the top bunk. It's down below near my head. And he maxed out the volume.

    Good news: because the dorms were designed to be the Athletes' dorms, they were SIGNIFICANTLY bigger rooms than what my friends had. We had a living space so large, we could have all 4 of our desks, a mini fridge, a giant TV, a lawn chair, and 2 closets in the room with space to spare. AND we had the bedrooms separated by a door, so my roommate (who was from Shanghai and didn't sleep til 5 in the morning) could do what he wanted in the living room and I could sleep in silent darkness. Considering the living space allotted to my friends at the unit triples, I got a hell of a bargain. Some of my friends could literally not open their front door because the standing closet and drawers blocked the way. The A la carte was actually really good for me because I was athletic and ate constantly, but not a ton in one sitting. So I could go buy a cheeseburger or a burrito for $4-5 instead of paying $6-9 for one at other dining halls. It saved me LOADS of meal points that I would use later to buy a pomegranateton of snacks and stuff for my upper class men friends. And having antisocial floormates forced me to join my fraternity because I needed to socialize somehow.

    oh MEGA bonus- it was super chill at my dorm and we didn't need to swipe people in with security when we invited people over. Every other dorm has night monitors that require you to swipe your friends in and if pomegranate goes down while they're there, you could be held liable.

    Overall, not a bad experience. Could have been a lot better though. I did learn to sleep through pretty much anything, but still light enough that I can wake up to any alarm I had.

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    This pomegranate right here. This is one of the main, if not the biggest reason I'm worried about switching to the dorm with the single rooms. We have this convoluted process of having to sign guests in. You can't just walk over and knock on people's doors, you have to go through the front desk, check in, get a guest pass and be escorted to their room.

    I can relate to your post somewhat; Smash is what we use to get people social around these parts. Fortunately enough for me, it works. My roommate has a huge plasma (as mentioned in my previous posts), and he's cool with letting me use it. I have a PC, we play Project M through Dolphin. It attracts a lot of people.

    Valid points all around. I think what I'm trying to figure out is, can the social aspect of dorms be had without a roommate? There are no triples or anything over here, just doubles. My roommate and I are not close in the least bit; All of my friends come from my hallway/floor.

    I want that social aspect, but I grow tired of coming in and having someone watching movies until 2 AM, or slamming doors at 4 AM, having women brought over, etc... Amongst other privacy related concerns.

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    1st yr: I was in the dorms and shared a room with 2 other people. It was quite crowded, but my two roommates and the guys in the adjacent rooms (were were grouped into "suites") became my best friends and we continued to room together for 3 yrs. For someone like me a little on the quiet side, it was a great way to get me doing things socially and have a built in group of friends. I did get really lucky that everyone of us turned out to be awesome and we really had none of the classic roommate problems, excepting a few minor things.

    2nd yr: I, through my own ineptitude, got stuck in an overflow housing area with a stranger. He was socially active but we went in different circles. We both tended to stay up late so that was never a problem, but one thing did weird me out. He always left a big pile of laundry on his bed and ended up sleeping on the couch downstairs presumably because he was too lazy to clear off his bed. I'm not a real stickler for cleanliness but even I thought it was weird. Oh and this was in an apartment on campus.

    3rd/4th yr: Lived in an off campus apartment sharing a room with one of the guys from 1st year and having another in his own room. This was awesome and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything else.

    If money is no object, go for the single but make sure to be friendly with the other people in the apartment/dorm. Having a single is good if you're sensitive to differing sleep schedules and having guests over.

    It sounds like you are mildly sensative person who had a poor selection of roommate. Look for someone you're more compatible with before signing up for anything but a single.

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    Default Re: College, dorms, and roommates

    can-t you ask to be changed dorms? find some chill guy that has roommate problems and have that guy switch. all i learned from dorming with others is test your luck, and my dorms were of 4 people

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    I live in a 4 bedroom off campus student apartment. I lived with my best friend and two randoms last year, and this year I'm with three randoms. The experience is great, but I'm lucky to have a room and a bathroom to myself. I tend to stay in my room a lot, but the small interaction is great. I love my room mates this semester, they are so chill and nice.

    When you live with other people you learn how to be patient and understanding I guess, my current room mates have a big habit of smoking weed in the living room which kind of bugs me but they always clean up their mess and keep it professional so it doesn't bother me much. It's a risky game, but I think in the end it's worth it if you can get learn to be an adult and responsible and handle situations as such. However, the other parties need to do so as well.

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    Default Re: College, dorms, and roommates

    Right now, I think I've got the best of both worlds atm, as I absolutely love time alone while still requiring social interaction. Currently living in a single quad (a quad is six people apparently, don't ask me) suite with four other guys (the last one didn't get his study permit and so hasn't shown up). Definitely allows me to have my alone time with the single rooms within the suite but still allows for social interaction with a bathroom and kitchen/lounge that's shared between the five of us. Very nice environment to live in, although it probably helps that the RA for our floor is one of my suitemates. That being said, my four suitemates are pretty cool people, sociable but respecting of personal space (if that makes sense).

    Because we have a lounge area, my suitemates bring back friends which isn't a bad thing. One thing that occasionally happens though is that they bring back friends who may or may not be a little too drunk. I've definitely woken up to the sound of projectile vomiting more than once.

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    This right here. If your RA isn't doing sh'it to help get you out of your room, they have failed you as an RA! We literally had meetings each week just so that we could find out what events were happening and share them with residents, so it was our JOBS to get people out and to events/hang out with one another. We called it community building.

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    My house was near my University, so I lived at home. I can't see myself living with a room mate from school, when a lot of people are still fairly immature. It would probably drive me nuts. I remember being on a call with my friend and she told me that her room mate just brought a guy over to their room and started having sex. wtp? D:

    Now that I'm out of school (been for a while), I'd consider getting a room mate so long as they are also a career professional, serious kind of person. I'm kind of surprised that people do this. I'd still prefer to live alone, however.



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