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    Recently, I become Coach for a team under the Satori organization, Satori Blue.

    At the moment, Blue is under reconstruction, Red just won a Riot LAN tournament and the organization just acquired a Psychologist. When that happened, I thought to myself, "This pomegranate is real". Decided to type up a diary of what's going on and what I've been doing:

    LeST: Start
    LeST: Staff
    LeST: Reconstruction

    Satori: Promo RR, Day 1

    More information about the team:

    Am excited about this project, especially since next year there'll be an official LAN LCS in Mexico (unsure if it'll be 6 - 8 teams), Satori Red is easily one of the top 4 teams in LAN at the moment, while Satori Blue has a good chance at also earning a spot if this current team sticks together.

    Also, communicating with players from different countries (Mexico/US, Colombia, Venezuela) is holy pomegranate hard... we couldn't practice well today because our Support (Venezuela) had no electricity and our ADC's (Colombia) internet was suddenly unstable.
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    Are you guys gonna open tryouts from all across the Americas, and also Gaming House when?

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    Holy pomegranate Loose, you're listed as a coach! Congrats!

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    All Americas, except the US. We're restricted to players only in Latin America... though I've heard rumors that we can have only one player from NA. If all goes well, we might establish a Gaming House in Mexico, in order to compete in the LATAM LCS next year.

    I know! It's awesome! I didn't even edit it! Thanks! : D

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    I've been too busy to keep a blog, but...

    Our team is a step away from qualifying to the "LAN LCS", also, I'm the Manager now. Also, it's just one team now (with subs), rules forbid us to have two teams under the same organization.

    This and next week, we'll be competing in a Round Robin of 8 teams, top 4 teams join the "LCS" along with Lyon Gaming & Tesla Gaming. : D

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    Awesome Loose!

    Which do you prefer? Coaching or Managing? Are you still working with your other company while doing this? (Apps company place thing)

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    Well, right now I'm still coaching a bit, doing a lot of things I used to do (analyze, talk with the players, etc) but now, I also have to handle paperwork and start getting sponsors, talking with other teams to set up scrims, etc.

    I still have no idea what I'm doing most of the time, but it's working. Yes, I'm still working with the company, the staff hasn't received any coin yet, but with the LCS starting soon and getting sponsors we'll be changing that. : D

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    Day one of the Promotion Round Robin, 2 - 0 of 14 games.

    Took the time to continue the blog and update on what has happened:

    Thanks for reading! : D

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    Thanks for making an English blog for us Loose.

    Also, do you have the streams for the RR tourney?

    Also, you should probably find a lawyer for a lot of your stuff now, unless the old manager helped you with that.

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    He's still helping out as a team adviser, but also opened to other teams.

    There's no stream, and we can't stream it, but we share the spectate info on our fanpage:

    Today's games are in 20 minutes and 2 hour, 20 minutes (8 PM EST & 10 PM EST).

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    Felicitaciones bro, LAN ganador del Worlds 2016... #thedream xD

    Are there any age restrictions to play for any team or within the LCS? This is something I've wondered ever since I started watching NA and EU LCS. I think the oldest player is LemoNation with almost 30 isnt he?

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    16 with parental permission in NA, 18 for w/o parental permission.

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    It's been a long time since I've posted something here...

    tl;dr: Team qualified to face the 5th or 6th place team of the League in a Bo5 Promotion series, winner goes into the League.

    After a long time and really working with these guys, as well as interviewing and getting tips from analysts/coaches around the world (NA/EU), Satori finished 1st in the LAN Challenger Series, with a record of 12-2. We'll be facing Tesla Gaming (5th) or BrawL (6th) in two weeks in a Bo5 Promotion series to determine if we get into the League and become an official eSports Team. These last couple of works I've been watching a lot of games, from all over the world, as well as watching videos by analysts and coaches, pretty much falling asleep look at videos, coming up with strategies, seeing what works with the team and what doesn't. Helping the players improve.

    We still have a long way to go, but it's work and we've got momentum. Riding the hype train, next stop #TheDream. Choo-choo!

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    Great job Loose! I'm rooting for you!

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    I hope you get in Loose! Get that LCS moneys!

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    It used to have information. It looks like someone wiped it clean.



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