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    Default Isn't this illegal?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    Pretty obvious that they're ripping off Maple sprites and such.

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  2. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    Not everywhere. China has rip offs for every game, some of them have funny titles like Defense of the Legends or something like that.

  3. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    I can play MS on my phone now? YAY!

    China has ripoffs of everything, yes.

  4. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    It is really a shame when the chinese bootleg looks better than the original.

    It is doubtlessly a much crappier whole, though.

  5. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    So that's where the Black Mage has been hiding.


    Since it's a mobile game it will be even more pay2win than Mapelstory if such a thing is even imaginable.

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    Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    Looks like a ripoff from MapleStory Adventures. (basing this mainly from the font of the name for the mobs)

    Seems like GameBegin (the company behind this) is a Singaporean company. So.... if Nexon were to do something, would they act as themselves or use Asiasoft as a proxy for legal action?

  7. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    Ah yes, Legolas the Archer Mentor.

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    Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    The Black Mage looks like he lost a lot of weight, feed that mofo a sandwich or something lolz.

  9. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    LOL. Why does the art in this look better than the official game?

    I completely lost it at Legolas. LOL

  10. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    There are tons of chinese knockoffs like this due to China's lax copyright infringement laws and lack of regard for international laws.

    Sometimes, they even make it to NA before the original game does! Ragnarok Online had Xenepic.(sp?) And more recently, Elsword had Fists of Fu.

    .....Maple Story is too big in China for such a thing though. This has to be one of the mobile games.

  11. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    Looks more like WonderKing tbh

    "Get it on Google Play"

  12. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    That Ellinia background was ripped straight from the official game, lol.
    This is reminding me of that Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode.

  13. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    Funny thing is, it doesn't.

  14. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    Actually it does look better than the original. Just look at the characters in the first picture, they all look less pixelated a more detailed than the characters and items in MS. Maybe they are actually ripping off the mobile games and not the main game and maybe this game looks better because MS mobile games overall look better than the original game too, which would be shamefull.

  15. Default Re: Isn't this illegal?

    I assumed Soph was referring to the promotional art.

    In game its entirely different, maple sprites are more pixelated, while this game looks smoother. Personally I prefer the pixelated look more, its just what I'm used to.



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