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Thread: [Update KMS] Patch Available - KMST 1.2.515

  1. Default Patch Available - KMST 1.2.515

    Nexon posted a patch for KMST version 514 upgrade to version 515.
    You may download this patch from their official site and begin creating your pre-patcher now.
    Extractions and database updates will be forthcoming (if supported)!

    Size: 168838758 (bytes) (161.02 mb)

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    resistance pls

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    Star Planet stuff or Black Heaven Act 4, just to troll us.

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    Google English

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    BaMs are getting new auras? Are they becoming support?

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    Battle Mage looks to have kept their "dark" theme with emphasis on "Reaper".
    • Death/Death's Contract (I/II/III).
    Auras more unified & new party oriented Auras.
    • Yellow Aura - 1st - 20 move speed, 1 attack speed. Passive 20 move speed, 15 max speed, 20 jump, 1 attack speed.
    • Drain Aura - 2nd - It is what it sounds like. Blood Drain, party version. 10% of damage HP drain. Passive 1k HP/4 sec, 1% max HP recovery when collecting souls.
    • Blue Aura - 3rd - 20% status resistance, 15% damage absorb. Passive 30% elemental/status, 100% defense, 20% damage absorb.
    • Dark Aura - 4th - 15% damage increase. Passive 30% damage increase.
    • Debuff Aura - 4th - Reduces target's defense. 20% defense shred. Refreshes per 5 secs.
    • Dark Aura - Boss Killer - HYPER - 10% boss damage
    • Debuff Aura - Elemental Reset - HYPER - 10% resistance shred.
    • Blue Aura - Dispel Magic - HYPER (Interval party dispel.) - Dispel every 5 seconds.
    Battle Master - HYPER - now increase Blow attacks by 1 hit for 40 seconds. 200 secs cooldown.
    Auras - ALL auras have a 3 second cooldown and can NOT be stacked.

    Wild Hunter doesn't seem to have many changes. They do put emphasis on "Jaguar" however.
    • Wild Vulcan (Wild Arrow Blast) - Can target multiple enemies while in "Jaguar".
    Seems they may have brought back old skills as well.
    • Drill Container - 4th - "Install" skill, 430% damage, 10 target, every 8 seconds. 30 secs cooldown.
    • Flash Rain - HYPER - 380% damage, 11 times, 15 targets, 15 secs cooldown.

    Mechanic looks to have their "Tank Mode" moved to 3rd with emphasis on the two firing modes. May have gained Pinpoint Rockets as well

    • Beam Launcer RM7 - stationary turret? Reminds me of Heimer turrets. 250% damage, 400% self destruct damage.
    • Homing Missile/Advanced Homing Missile. - 360%/500% damage.
    • Massive Fire: Splash - 3rd - seems to be the new laser? - 350% damage, 8 target, 4 hit.
    • Massive Fire: IRON - 3rd - seems to be the new siege? - 1000% damage, 1 target, 2 hit.
    • Massive Fire: Splash-F - 4th upgrade - 545% damage, 8 target, 6 hit.
    • Massive Fire: IRON-B - 4th upgrade - First hit 1600% damage to 1 target, 2 hits. Secondary explosion 850% damage to 4 targets, 1 hit.
    Bomber Time - HYPER - Doubles Homing missiles fired for 10 seconds. Extends firing range. 180 secs cooldown.
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    Ninja'd, after reading change note it might not be as bad as I thought

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    This is going to take me a while. Maybe I'll have extractions up tomorrow because I have to redownload and reinstall MS due to corrupt WZ files.

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    We lose the Dark Gene lady.

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    Please tell me I don't have to continue spamming two buttons to use BKB. In the scrapped BaM revamp, they made it so it was automatic. Did they do that again here?

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    Ehh...kinda underwhelming for BaMs. Looks like we're back to being able to have only one aura active at a time. My main beef with that one is that raising your party's damage (Dark Aura) and reducing the enemies' defense (Debuff Aura) essentially do the same damn thing.

    And as for Drain Aura, assuming the "soul collection" thing means killing enemies, the passive effect is useless at bosses unless they summon stuff.

    I'd prefer it if they let you have two or three auras active simultaneously.

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    I don't think it's too bad since almost each aura has both a passive and an active.

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    The Mechanic revamp looks decent. It's nice that they got rid of all the redundant transformations. Can't wait to see the skill numbers.

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    There's a vid of a Lv200+ Mechanic soloing normal Ark in seconds.

    In the test server.

    Either they got massive buffs, or everyone got insane equips in there for free or something to that effect.

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    I noticed test server players usually have high damage in some of these videos.



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