I logged on today after not logging on for a really long time (didn't realize BWs got their revamp), and the game apparently has a new feature where you're not allowed to trade/drop/transfer anything for X minutes after switching IPs (or something like that). Which is fine, so I waited the 15(? 20? 30?) minutes I had left on the timer, but as soon as it hit 0, my game froze for like 2 minutes and then logged me off with "Unable to connect to game server". The game was fine when I was still on the clock.

Every time I log in now, the game freezes after about 5-10 seconds and the above error message comes up after 2 minute-ish freezes. Anyone know the cause of this problem? It's super late and I'm too tired to re-install Maplestory today, but I'll try that tomorrow.