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    So I am a bit confused here, some people say %total damage is better and some people say %att is better. I've stumbled upon 2 death sender charms (NL secondary).
    One is 21% total damage 6%att the other is 15% attack. When I asked if I should buy the 21% total damage they said no because total damage acts like boss damage and it isn't that great for Night Lords since %att will be better, can someone help me decide which one will be better for me? If it helps I plan on buying a 21% total damage 12%att claw later.

    Right now I have 513 attack
    no %att and only 15% total damage from hypers
    59% boss dmg


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    Get the %attack one. %total stacks additively with %boss damage, and it's rather easy to accumulate %boss from set effects, link skills, potential, etc.

    In your specific case, assuming you will use the other claw you will have 12% attack and 94% boss+total due to NL passives. The first secondary you mentioned will multiply your average damage output by (21+94+100)/(100+94)*(6+15+100)/(100+15) = 1.1661
    while the second will multiply by (100+15+15)/(100+15) = 1.1304.

    Right now, the first one is better for you, but if you plan on improving your other equips/set effects or getting the rest of your reinforce hyper skills and links then the second will be better.

    I advise purchasing the second charm.

    In general, people try to avoid %total damage potential lines in favor of %boss, %ignore defense, and %attack.

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    Default Re: %ATT vs Total Damage for NLs

    i'm too lazy to go look for the whole explanation and crap and i don't want to type it myself, just get the %attack.

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    Default Re: %ATT vs Total Damage for NLs

    umm . . . here's the short answer . .. take the higher %u0025 attack

    a bit longer explaination . . .
    due to the way the damage formula is set up you pretty much take whatever it gives you and then multiply that by your % attack and then by your % total damage, but since multiplication is commutative (i think that's the correct mathematical term for it) you can just multiply the sum of your % total damage and %attack first to see what it does to your range. play around with the numbers a bit and you'll quickly realize that you get the most range boost from having those to figures equal or as close as possible as you can get them. However this only applies to mobs . . . % boss is added to % total damage so that just screws up your balance that you'd go for if your aiming to cap on mobs only . . . if you're aiming to do the most damage on bosses you aim for % attack since there are many sources of % boss such as hyper skills, 4th job skills or even before that for some jobs, nebulites, potential, equipment set effects, base stats on fafnir/ Sweetwater, Link skills, character cards, . . . . . you get the point. Sooooooo to max out your damage just ignore total damage unless you're aiming to cap on mobs and bosses and on chaos vellum WITH range to spare for a new damage cap . . . in which case you can afford to lose some % attack and do % total damage, but that's mostly for the big spenders who KNOW what they need and have crunched the numbers . . . and most of those guys just go % attack anyways. Personally i WAS going to take some % total damage in my potential and bonus potential until my % attack buff got switched to a % damage buff and my hyper skill was changed to % damage (my main is a DA) but that screwed with aim for near balanced total damage and attack so i just changed the aim to % attack instead.

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    [weapon multiplier * (4 * primary stats + secondary stats) * (Weapon Attack / 100 * (1 + %attack))] * [1+(%boss damage + %total damage)]

    claw multiplier: 1.75

    Base Damage
    513 attack, 15% total damage, 59% boss, 0% att
    1.75*(4 * LUK + DEX) * (513 / 100)*(1 + 0.59 + 0.15) = 1.75*(4 * LUK + DEX) * 8.926

    21% total damage, 6%att Death sender charm
    513 attack, 36% total damage, 59% boss, 6% att
    1.75*(4 * LUK + DEX) * (513 / 100 * (1+0.6))*(1 + 0.59 + 0.36) = 1.75*(4 * LUK + DEX) * 10.6

    15%att Death Sender charm
    513 attack, 15% total damage, 59% boss, 15% att
    1.75*(4 * LUK + DEX) * (513 / 100 * (1+0.15))*(1 + 0.59 + 0.15) = 1.75*(4 * LUK + DEX) * 10.265

    As of this moment 21% total damage, 6% att is stronger right now, but once you get too much boss damage/total damage, 15% attack will be stronger.



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