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    I'm sure some of you are tired of the same old Olivia event every year. I know I am.
    I thought of a way to bring back the old Haunted House storyline, while incorporating the new monsters and bringing back some old monsters. So here is my version of the revamped storyline.

    The HH is now a higher level theme dungeon. The old Olivia storyline is removed, and even lampshaded at one point when you ask Edmunds the butler what happened, and he gives an explanation (later mentioned). The new storyline brings back the zombies that wore pumpkins on their heads, and those old flying books.

    Quest line

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    Default Re: Haunted House - A Better Version

    My first impression? Oh dear lord that wall of text.

    I think I'll wait until I'm actually awake to read it.

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    Yeah, I'll admit it's a lot, but I was just writing out how the quests were while mixing the story into it.

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    So did you check it out yet? I spaced it out a bit.



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