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    Using Paint Tool SAI to draw everything, Emofuri for the animations.

    Made it for the lady friend I'm trying to woo. : 3

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    Wow thats pretty cool! Does Emofury tween or something?

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    Been a while since I've seen your stuff here.

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    This is awesome as always. I can't help but be incredibly jealous of your talent and effort. I really love your choice of poses. There's a lot more character in her motions than I would have thought possible.

    [insert obligatory boob bounce comment here]

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    Yup, you just draw some layers (eyelashes, eyebrows, pupils, mouth open, mouth closed, etc) and it does the rest. It comes with some premade tweens, I'm not sure if you can make your own in the free version. Also,

    Nope... still trying. Got batted by the one I was aiming for, though I guess that's a good thing, because she's too needy. We're actually better friends now.

    I didn't really do much, just the standard things, draw mostly everything on different layers, renamed them to Japanese (program requires it), added bounding boxes and messed around with the program.

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    Thats a pretty cool program Loose! I hope you use it for some League stuff, you'll get all the attention!

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    I'm thinking of doing a character right now. Probably Syndra...

    I'm still trying to get the hang of it, since it's in Japanese it might take a while to get everything right. For example, I have no idea why it doesn't complete the animation when exporting this animation:

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    The animation program has boob animation detection. Sorry.

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    Loose I can't help but feel like shes bald.



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