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    Generally how organized are you in mapping out your future plans for the following day, the following week, the following weeks, the following month, and the following year? Do you have a goal/plan list down the line of what you are hoping to accomplish or do you usually just wing every day with a general outline of what you hope to accomplish.

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    I can't plan what I'm going to do the next hour, let alone day/week/rest of my life.

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    I knew in my 3th year high school which study I wanted to do. I am now doing that study. After it I want to get a so called "Master" (2 year sorta PhD) in the subject after which I intend to work in that area. Their is lots of work within that field so that should be good.
    So my roadmap is fairly clear.

    My day to day however is without any structure whatsoever and I like it :)



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