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    So, for the Sweet Like Honey event on the discussion thread there was a photo with all the customization options. Is there one like that for this event? It makes it a lot easier to know exactly when to stop randomizing stuff.

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    They are not complete like the Sweet Like Honey event, but I pulled together two separate event announcements from KMS and MSEA, linked below, some scrolling is necessary since I did not want to crop.

    KMS via

    Thus far, from what I gather there are sets for the Default, Pumpkin, Frankenstein's Monster, Grim Reaper/Skeleton, Goblin, Vampire(?) and whatever goes with those crying eyes.

    Nevermind, the default is crying, I just could not tell the difference on the blue skin. Also Vampire is Goblin, bad eyes. So maybe that is everything.

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    there you go

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    Thank you. It's funny, but I think I like his default look the most.

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    You're not the only one.



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