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    I'm looking to start up Kiritas Farming again.
    That first weekend of marvel machine, along with several compounding reasons, ruined kiritas for us; a merged server on the empty side.
    HOWEVER, it does not take very much to win.

    If interested, and you are in YMCK, pm me here, or try contacting me in game. consider joining my guild for easier communication. several interested

    Successful Kiritas Invasion Guidelines
    1. at least SIX quest farmers from the very start.
    it helps to save a "kill 30" quest, and turn it in at the beginning of the Next invasion

    2. the first boss mob announcement must happen before 12 minutes remaining. anything less, and most likely is a fail

    3. quest farming: the first 25% of the HP bar must be farmed quickly
    option 1) 3 people in a party, in the same map, sharing kills for the quests
    pros: majority of quests are "kill 30" and complete faster in a party
    cons: party loot shares medallion drops

    option 2) solo, using the cc method; forfeit every "kill 30" quest, in hopes for the "loot" quests
    4. drop rate does help, so pop the familiar, swap in the gear, and have at thee!

    5. DONT LET UP! for empty servers, and bare-minimum kills, it takes perseverance and patience

    if we can get #1, the rest will fall into place with practice.

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    Farm: Wut?

    Default Re: YMCK - Kiritas Farming - Naricain Guild - SoZeJin

    What good stuff drops from Kiritas?

  3. Default Re: YMCK - Kiritas Farming - Naricain Guild - SoZeJin

    Invasions have just turned into something that limits when I can complete the daily quests.

    Back when people actually did it, it was most beneficial for someone like me (195% drop gear, wolf) to just farm the medallions/bombs and not worry about quests. If I were to buy a 2x drop card I might be able to solo the whole thing.

  4. Default Re: YMCK - Kiritas Farming - Naricain Guild - SoZeJin

    really just to farm (30 days) for tyrant gloves
    other option being wait for marvel machine spins, or pay out the nose from FM.



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