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  1. Default I think my keyboard is haunted

    Like legit, I'm not even messing, I was going to put it in speakeasy but there's nothing to really speak about. The b key in my blackwidow has stopped working. I have to wait until my new keyboard is available in two-ish weeks. So it started acting up again after I cleaned my computer.

    When I type, and this has occurred multiple times, it types out "WHAT DO YOU WANT", in caps, without caps lock, while in the middle of typing something else. I'd even say it's almost like a macro. Unfortunately I have uninstalled the software multiple times, so it can't be that.


    Edit: fixed it....never before did I think I would need Jesus

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    Default Re: I think my keyboard is haunted

    I thought you were going to say one of the keys was stuck and it kept saying "ooooooooooooo"

    I am disappoint.

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    Default Re: I think my keyboard is haunted

    Maybe it was just being polite? You could've had a spooky ghost keyboard who types things in for you and you squandered it.

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