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Thread: Pumpkaboo Event

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    Default Pumpkaboo Event

    Nintendo is giving away a free best pokemon ever Pumpkaboo through Mystery Gift, from now until Halloween.

    It is a guaranteed Super Size (the rarest kind), is carrying a Rocky Helmet, is level 50 in a Cherish Ball, and can possibly come with its hidden ability of Insomnia. (Super Size pumpkaboo usually can not have Insomnia, all the ones you get from Friend Safari are normal sized)

    Still doesn't beat the shiny super-sized Pumpkaboo that took me weeks to hatch, but it's nice that Pumpkaboo is getting some love. I was hoping they'd do something like this for Halloween ;3

  2. Default Re: Pumpkaboo Event

    I believe the OT is determined when you download it (there's 5 different possible ones) but you can reset for the nature/ability, which is nice.



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