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    This place looks dead. Why not cheer it up with some Black Heaven videos. The Black Heaven storyline is the first to use the new 'blockbuster system'. Right now, only Act 1 & 2 are available. I think there are 7 Acts for Black Heaven. More Acts will be released in the near future and the new Resistance will be unveiled throughout the story.

    All videos are best viewed in 1080p fullscreen.

    -The beginning of Act 1-

    -Mission during Act 1-

    -Ending of Act 2-

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    I just realized the ship they are flying on is the Lumiere, so Cygnus is taking command of it? I wonder how is Phantom gonna charge her for it later.

    And daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, If the Lumiere is big enough to hold a few maps inside, that Blackwings battle cruiser or whatever better be made into a whole new area in the next arcs.
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    This made me laugh

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    I like how Oz used Flame Vortex to find out the Real Francis, and Francis running with his head burning is just so cute lol ...



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