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    (PvE) Skill Changes

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    Mob (Changed)

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    I wish Sairs got the revamped Pirate's Revenge too :[

    Buccs got a few improvements on their KMST buffs.

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    I wish they made Pirate's Revenge passive honestly. I hate that you have to get hit in order for it to work, especially at bosses where you have to try NOT to get hit.

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    I like how they threw Xenon and Angelic Buster in there so the Resistance and Nova are represented, but why not Demon Slayer/Avenger? You'd think he'd be the first one to sign up for an attack on the Black Mage.

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    He doesn't need a boat.

    Also, most people in the alliance probably don't really trust him yet, so it's better that he keep a low profile and all.

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    Demon has his own problems, as its basically a quest for revenge on top of finding out about the interactions of the rest of the Demon race, Including his brother.

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    Something I found pretty cool is that (I think) all the unique classes have special dialogue/quests in this content, like Xenon, Demon, etc.

    EDIT: Those patch notes were inaccurate (in a good way), regular Medals of Honor are automatically used when picked up now!! :D
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    Aran's gender once again confirmed

    Nexon seems to really be putting quite the effort in these patches, the quality of the animation in that clip seems pretty good to me.

    So are there really new animations for a bunch of skills or is the extraction tool getting confused with new files in this patch? I recall it did the same with he KMST thread.
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    They changed image formats or something for some skills to make them less laggy/give better performance to low-end users.

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    I'm still trying to understand the connection between Black heaven and Suu&Orca, can someone explain it to me?

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    Well, Black Heaven is the Black Wings' ship.

    Orca is was the leader of the Black Wings.

    Suu('s body) is quite literally under the control of Gelimer, who I assume is now leading the Black Wings after his little coup d'etat.

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    Yeah, Gelmer took over the Black Wings. I remember it being explicitly stated somewhere in-game recently, but can't remember where.

    Whether or not he was promoted to Commander after that is still up in the air, though.

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    In Act 1, you have to go into Orca's inner world to help her regain consciousness/search her memory for information about Black Heaven. In Act 2, the only thing relating to Orca or Suu is Francis sneaking onboard Crystal Garden haha. I'll be uploading my recordings of the entire quest line in the near future, if you guys are more interested in those (there are some cool cutscenes from Orca's past).

    I'm assuming that Suu will make his appearance in future Acts, Gelimer appears at the end of Act 2 at a meeting of the Commanders so I think he still has control over him.
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    I still think Suu will reveal at the end or around the middle of the story as the current vessel of the black mage. The point at which Gelimer betrays Orca and throws Suu at her is when you take the first quests from the evolution lab, and at that point he mentions the Black Mage doesn't need more minions but a body. That would also explain all the deal with kidnapping people from Eldestein and all the body experiments they were doing.
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