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  1. Default Patch Available - KMabi 7.92

    Nexon posted a patch for KMabi version 791 upgrade to version 792.
    You may download this patch definition from their official site.
    Posted: 2014-09-24 19:00:28

  2. Default Re: Patch Available - KMabi 7.92

    meh, another attendance event?

    DayEnglish NameKorean NameVolume
    2Nao's Soulstone나오의 영혼석 (이벤트)5
    3Ground Speed Up Potion이동 속도 40%증가 포션 (10분) (이벤트)1
    5Carasek's Treasure Chest카라젝의 보물 상자1
    8Blue Upgrade Stone푸른 개조석5
    10Double Training EXP Potion - Life Skill생활 스킬 수련치 2배 포션 (이벤트)1
    13Ancient Magic Powder고대의 마법가루 (이벤트)1
    15Double Training EXP Potion - ALL종합 스킬 수련 포션(1일)(이벤트)1
    17Red Upgrade Stone붉은 개조석5
    19Platinum Hammer of Durability장비 내구도 상승의 플래티넘 망치1
    21Carasek's Treasure Chest카라젝의 보물 상자3
    24Enchant Train Potion인챈트 수련 포션1
    26Pet Dye Ampul펫 염색 앰플1
    28Attendance King Gift Box10월의 출석왕 선물 상자1

    Ruairi, Mari, Tarlach, Ferghus Rtboy and Kirstell bag/bots.
    Ruairi (7x7)
    Mari (6x6)
    Tarlach (6x6)
    Ruairi & Mari & Tarlach (9x9)
    Ferghus (6x6)
    Kristell (6x6)
    Young Tarlach (8x6)
    Ferchaus, Young Tarlach & Kristell (9x10)

    Ancient Magic Powder with a 50% bonus.
    Attendance scroll (2x2)

    Participation Celebration Box, 2 flavors.
    Attendance King Gift Box
    Doll Bag Gift Box
    Ruari Bag Gift Box
    Mari Bag Box
    Tarlach Bag Box
    Ruairi & Mari & Tarlach Set Bag Box
    Ferghus Bag Box
    Kristel Bag Box
    Young Tarlach Bag Box
    Ferghus & Young Tarlach & Kristell Set Bag Box
    Enchant Train Potion



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