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  1. Default Who still plays Guild Wars 2?

    I just started playing a bit over a week ago, my... handle thing is FiveSecondPose.6528. Does anyone on Southperry still play?

    There's also a free trial week coming up for people that want to try it.

  2. Default Re: Who still plays Guild Wars 2?

    I do, when I'm bored.

    I have been waiting for an expansion that might never come (they seem to think their Living Story thing is equal to expansions but it's not), so I haven't been playing adamantly for a while.

    But, if you ever need a party for anything shoot me a message, and I'll be happy to join if I'm available. I enjoy the game a lot, but there's only so much you can do the same content alone ;P

    My username is Polantaris.9513.

  3. Default Re: Who still plays Guild Wars 2?

    I play for a few weeks straight every few months to catch up on content/story.

    Still enjoying the game.

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    Default Re: Who still plays Guild Wars 2?

    I log in every two weeks to get the new Living Story content, but nothing more =/.



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