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Thread: [In Progress] Insane Asylum Mafia END MAFIA WINS.

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    I guess the items would explain the extra kill on night 2, but I am still concerned why Holypie lived. The flavor of a miller is just about a vague as the kills against him. Why would the mafia let him live unless they had a plan? I guess they didn't account for meow having a kill...I don't know I'm confused at this point.

    I don't believe MasPan is neutral given what Holypie has said, and the fact that we have to keep waiting for his ability may be a ploy to buy time (we know he has something planned for today.) If I were you, I would shoot MasPan and we vote for Polantaris, because I don't want to take the chance that MasPan got another lynchproof and the gun is the only way to kill him today. The choice, is of course your. I do think either way, we have a win for the town, even if MasPan got another lynchproof.

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    I told you two posts ago, I did not know who my attacker was and was attempting to get them to make a misplay by bluffing. I doused nobody the night before last and attempted to douse Luv last night (who was dead when I got there). I'm waiting for @MetaSeraphim; to detonate my current target. I respectfully ask that nobody shoot me until that at least goes through, rather than shoot me and find out afterwards that I burned a mafian.

    The odd/even night/day has absolutely nothing to do with my ability and was an attempt to convince the mafia that I was not worth bothering to assault at specific times.

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    MasPan dear look at me. Like really look at me. Stop staring at my hair >.> Just say who you think the mafian is. no need to be flashy about it.

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    Actually I think at this point I'm not that useful, and a double vote would be much more powerful this late in the game. Because really, there's only two people alive who I haven't checked, and I think Polantaris thought he was safe since he was playing pretty well (I was actually a bit surprised when I got the guilty result). A double vote makes it so the mafia can't really pull and stunts with the votes. ALSO IF THERE'S TWO MAFIA LEFT WE'RE AT MYLO. Don't freaking mess this up, shoot Polantaris and after that we can see what happens next. We'll only have 3 people alive by the time this settles down, and that's before the lynch. If we mess up we're gone. Trust my ability to look into filing cabinets and kill Polantaris.

    Mas why would you try to prime Luv he's a confirmed townie.

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    Because in terms of self interest, he was the most likely to cause me to die before I could complete my goals. In terms of role, he was a confirmed double voter, but not a confirmed townie. He twice created or was indirectly responsible for tied lynches as well. I just didn't trust him as a player.

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    You are all sitting peacefully discussing who would be better to lynch, MasPan or Polanartis when suddenly meowmixx runs into the room with a gun.

    "Nobody move!"

    She moves the gun between Polanartis and MasPan trying to make up her mind, she decides there is only one way to end this.

    "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe."

    "Catch a tiger by its toe."

    "If he hollers, let him go."

    "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe."

    She closes her eyes and pulls the trigger.

    Bad thing about closing your eyes when shooting someone? You normally miss.

    As meowmixx opens her eyes she sees MasPan look completely enraged with a non-fatal bullet wound in his chest.


    MasPan then runs into his room and comes out with a gas can and starts pouring it on everything and with the last bit he completely douses himself and then lights a match.

    "EVERYTHING BURN, BURN, BURN IN THE BEAUTIFUL FLAMES LET THE FIRE WASH AWAY EVERYTHING!" Suddenly MasPan and the most of the room is set ablaze. The rest of you huddle in the only safe part of the room and after a few seconds the sprinkler system turns on and puts out the fires.

    You look around the room and see MasPan laying on the ground, dead. While most of his body is burned beyond recognition you see what seems to be a satisfied smile on his face.

    "Well, well, well, that was a hell of a show, eh?" The man in the white lab coat's voice comes from over the PA system. "But, his death does not mean the end of the day or game, you still have work to do."

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    Will you guys kill Polantaris NOW?

  8. Default Re: Insane Asylum Mafia Day 6.


    [vote] polantaris

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    God I have a feeling this is going to end in a tie and the town losing. CJ please prove me wrong.

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    Really? I played like pomegranate. [Vote] Polantaris

    And it should be pretty obvious why Luv is dead over you.

    Congrats guys! You got the only other mafian. I guess it was only 2 because of MasPan's win condition.

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    Maybe I didn't notice since I wasn't really at my best either. Basically just relying entirely on investigations and no scumhunting at all.

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    It looks like this won't end in a tie.

    [Vote] Polantaris

    I think we won this thing...

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    I feel like everyone was going on flavor far more than actual facts...that combined with limited facts really screwed my gameplay over. I had to start making pomegranate up out of the blue.

    Though, to be fair, I do really think you're paranoid. Lucky for you, you picked the 4 people who would come out as scum no matter what.

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    You all decide to lynch Polantaris.

    "Ah, it is almost over now." "It all comes down to this last

    It is now Night 6. Night 6 will end as soon as I get all night actions in.

  15. Default Insane Asylum Mafia END MAFIA WINS.

    The sun comes up almost as soon as it set.

    meowmixx and ChaoticCJ meet in the main room, Holypie's dead body laying in the center.

    "So it was you all this time! I should have listened to the voices in my head sooner." meowmixx said.

    "All too late for that now." ChaoticCJ mused while twirling a gun around on his finger. "You know what comes next."

    "I won't go down wit-" meowmixx started to say but was cut off suddenly by a bullet straight through the heart.

    "Hmph, in the end everyone died, even my partners." "Hey, doc! I won right? Let me out of this dump."

    The big metal doors on the far side of the room open up and the voice comes over the PA system.

    "Indeed. The last one standing after all the chaos that happened. You have earned your freedom."

    ChaoticCJ lays the gun down on meowmixx's body and begins to walk out the doors.

    "And to think I got thrown in here because of a parking ticket."

    That is the end of the game. Mafia won it. Discussion will continue in the discussion thread. Good game everyone.



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