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    6.82 incoming. Eventually. HAS PATCH NOTES
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    Seems we'll finally get the change to roshan's pit that showed up way back in 6.75 or something.
    And more bloodcyka buffs? He's already one of my favourite mid heroes, he's become pretty solid in pubs already. Or maybe it's a rework.

    The rekindling soul part makes me believe it'll include the shadow fiend rework + the shadow fiend arcana(Which is supposedly fire-based, thus rekindling soul).

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    Could you elaborate on that change? Wasn't around in DotA during that time, so no clue what you're talking about :)

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    It was just repositioning the rosh pit so it was relatively more open and the opening faced towards the radiant ramp into the river. Essentially making it far easier for radiant to scout and engage into roshan and making it more awkward for dire all around.
    I don't have a picture near me, but i do hope they made it look somewhat nicer because it just looked plain wrong back then.

    Then again, like 8 years of it being the way it is could have influenced my opinion in that regard.

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    So, can i say called it?

    Edit: lmao try selecting the text regarding dark seers 'change'

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    I'm actually quite interested in how Bloodseeker will play now. His new W gives him a very powerful tool in team fights and it works perfectly with rupture, giving the enemy a choice of fighting a pissed off BS and getting silenced while taking a lot of damage or running out of the nuke and taking damage from the rupture. His Q is what I'm curious about the most. It says it amplifies damage dealt and taken which includes spells. Does this mean it boosts the damage of all your spells by up to 40% as well? It also effectively helps him sustain in lane far better at lower levels due to it costing 0 mana for a decent amount of heal per kill. Not only that but it sounds like it scales incredibly well with BS's new W. Just nuke down the entire creep wave and heal all your HP back instantly; since it doesn't say you need to kill enemy units with physical attacks. The new Thirst changes seem very strong as well.

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    This patch man. THIS WILL CHANGE THE META. Inb4 we League now.

    He seems really amazing to offlane/mid now, considering it costs him 0 mana. He's going to be more risky to play though since it amplifies both damage done and taken, so like a Mas of Madness on crack. It also keeps the core theme behind Bloodseeker, but making him more relevant in team fighting. Bloodseeker can be pseudo support now by making pick offs even squishier AND heals whoever kills him/her.

    Moving the Silence over to Blood Rite sounds like an overall buff since it won't stop BS from using stuff like Rupture anymore, plus it's an AoE silence that can force enemies to scatter or all take both damage and Silence. 3 seconds seems a bit long though, but we'll soon see in actual play if it's viable.

    Dohoho. Cheeky Valve.

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    Other than the stupid changes to streak bounties this patch seems pretty awesome. It makes stomping harder but games feel kinda pointless at times, if you're outplaying, or being outplayed, it just makes games longer for no reason. Other team might get a lot of gold which makes it a bit harder but they're still being outplayed so it's just an unnecessary nuisance to the stomping team.
    I don't know, comebacks are fun and it can make games a bit more even but it feels forced.

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    Omni got picked an entire 3 times in a single week.
    Glad he got a well deserved nerf :P

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    I like how with this 6.82c icefrog is like..
    I'm so done with your early push, pineapple all of you.

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    I blame SirActionSlacks. He made it popular and directed attention to him, at least in pubs. I don't even like the hero and have only played it a couple times (and got carried to victory because I wasn't doing much). I prefer Dazzle :D



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