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Thread: Lez ok, Gay not

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    Default Lez ok, Gay not
    Normally wouldn't care what a member of some foreign band says but stumbled upon this on a Finnish news site and... Lawl at people cheering when she says "Man must be a REAL MAN!". Ahahaha wow...

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    but how can a man be real if her brain isn't real???

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    wtp is a "real man" and what does being gay have to do with it? She needs to define what a real man is before she says gay men can't be one. There's just so much wrong with this and I'm not even going to argue with it because it'll get nowhere. -_-

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    Default Re: Lez ok, Gay not

    That's actually a very common attitude. A lot of people, both men and women, are more willing to accept homosexual women than men. There are probably any number of learned articles about that, but I don't care enough to look any up.

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    Default Re: Lez ok, Gay not

    Somehow I'm not surprised this came from someone in the band that sung Malchik Gay.

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    Default Re: Lez ok, Gay not

    as a straight man, i do agree that the image of two women together is less squicky than that of two men. no matter how much i know it's the same thing. might be because, at least from my point of view, women tend to act more like what is expected of a homo with each other, than men do. two women holding hands is perfectly fine, they're friends! two men doing the same and you get weird glances.

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    This stems from the fact that women are more "in touch"/are more expressive with their emotions than men. For women, it's perfectly normal for them to hug another woman. As a guy, it's just weird to hug another guy - even if it's my own father.

    That said, I'm homophobic to both homosexual males and females. However, I do feel a stronger phobia toward gay men than women, but that's because I actually have the pressure on me that the guy might be after me. I mean, my sister is gay and I feel really weird around her and her girlfriend. It's a hundred times more stressful and nerve wracking in my current situation, being around a gay guy 99% of the day, every day for a year.

    These views expressed in the topic are pretty extreme, though. This is where people confuse homophobia with gay bashing.

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    If men are made for procreation, then god dun pineappleed up. Too many people in this world as it is.

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    This is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard. How are women any less/different a necessary part of procreation than men? I've heard many arguments, especially by women, that women are more essential and important to procreation than men are. This is an extremely anti-male statement in general here, and pretty ignorant as well in my opinion.

    I have no idea who this person is, but I have absolutely no respect for them. Their entire comment is an insult to males, not just gay males.

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    From what I've seen, guys are fine with hugging other guys... I pretty much think you were just raised in a family/area that feels like this. But I'm from the south (Texas), so it may just be the culture here, but straight guys hug each other all the time. I probably see more guys hugging than girls hugging.

    And no one really confuses your type of views with gay bashing... We just call it ignorance.

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    welp that poster above my computer screen...

    I'm kinda suprised she supports Lesbians since i thought Russia was against homosexuality regardless, but then again if she was against them it would ruin her entire career path since the controversy behind t.A.T.u was the whole fake lesbian thing.

    This is a terrible mindset and you should feel bad about it. Sorry.
    Do you the same for all straight women you see? because otherwise thinking every gay guy might want you is like a poor excuse to hate them..

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    In my current case, it's the truth, not a mindset. He came out to me, saying he liked me.

    To expand : Homophobia is an irrational fear of homosexuality. I don't expect any of my push away from all things gay to be rational. I know they'll never be.

    However, I've had several gay guys hit on me. They never relent, either. They just keep pushing and pushing, hoping I give in. Some ask for crap like "a kiss," while others ask for more explicit things. My current situation, however, is far more stressful than any I've ever been in.

    I moved out of my dad's house to live with my friends last year. I thought it would be fun to live with friends. I had to share a bedroom with a guy, but that was fine with me, unknowing. Over time, he began to become more attached and obsessive with me. I didn't even find out he was gay until a few months after we all moved in here. What the hell was he thinking keeping something like that unknown? He said he came here to be with me. >_> He wouldn't let me ever play games with friends (still doesn't like me to), he would get extremely upset when I would even talk to customers at work (still does), wouldn't let me acquire new friends (still doesn't), etc. He always has eyes and ears on me. We both work at a grocery store called Kroger - he in the deli, myself in the meat market. Due to that, he's clinging to me 99% of the time. If I ever decide to take a break, he knows immediately and comes with me, whether I tell him or not. If I do manage to sneak a break by myself, he finds out and gives me a world of pomegranate. He reads my e-mails, he reads my facebook. There is no sanctuary. I have no one to talk to about anything because he's always around me. He tries to dictate every single thing I ever do. It's a miracle I even have time to type this...

    So I apologize that I'm a little gun shy toward gays. I've not had the best experiences...

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    Default Re: Lez ok, Gay not

    Like any man pursuing a woman ever!

    He sounds like a total creep, tell him to pineapple off. And if you have, and he hasn't listened, then remind him that you aren't interested.
    Don't let one pimento like that make you not like gay people, because that is just stupid.

    I think it's really closed minded to let an experience or two sour your opinion of an entire group of people.

    (and no, nobody should have to announce their sexuality if they don't want to)

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    Well take into consideration he is calling it an irrational fear and he's simply listing his experiences that led to it, I can respect that at least

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    Default Re: Lez ok, Gay not

    i think its cause males would rather see two girls kissing or doing w/e than two guys.

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    Default Re: Lez ok, Gay not

    being homophobic is completely fine, and i don't want anyone's pomegranate telling me "it's wrong!" it's a phobia, as said, it's -irrational- fear, some people are arachnophobic, the idea of spiders, no matter how good or helpful they are. the only difference is spiders aren't human.

    the problem comes when you ACT on that homophobia, when you begin to use slurs and call people papayagots, THAT is what is wrong, the same way killing a spider because you didn't like it is.

    i haven't seen link calling anyone here a papayagot and to get out with their ungodly tendencies. people need to realize that.

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    The confusion comes into play because these days, "homophobia" is a synonym for "rude bigot." More often than not, it means gay bashing. Technically, homophobia isn't wrong, nor is any other irrational fear, and Link is just fine. He needs some help dealing with the crazies, but he's fine. This lady in the video is a different story, though. Falling on the more colorful side of the Kinsey scale has nothing to do with manliness. It's about putting your P somewhere other than a V (sorry for the crudeness). God I wish I didn't like Russian accents, because a lot of them are crazy.



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