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Thread: [Sign Up] Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

  1. Default Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    The Unofficial Southperry Super Smash Brothers for 3DS Tournament

    Phew. A rather long title. The time has come for all of us who are planning on getting the game to rejoice and play the game by showcasing our skills. Surely an exciting time to be alive. For the unaware, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is releasing in North America and Europe on October 3rd. For Australian people,
    the game is coming out on October 4th. Japanese people have already received their copy. So this is a tournament for that game, ya know.

    When is the date?

    That's actually up to you! Currently I've decided on four dates, all of which you can vote for until sign ups are over. The one with the most votes ends up being the starting date (i.e. plurality, not majority).

    But these dates are too close to release!

    The good thing about that is that there's currently a demo out for NA/EU/AU that would give you some well deserved practice with the game's controls. If you feel like you need more practice or you need to unlock more characters then don't fret! This tournament is just for fun.

    Are there prizes?

    The idea is that top 3 will receive a prize. The prize could be monetary, SP Karma, or something else entirely. I haven't exactly decided on the prizes yet since I might need to ask permission to distribute it.

    At the moment, the current prizes in my mind are:

    1st Place: 20 USD item of your choice. Caveat is that they have to take my dirty money. It can be multiple items totalling to $20 too.
    2nd Place: 10 USD item of your choice. Same rules as 1st place prize.
    3rd Place: 5 USD item of your choice. Same rules as 1st place prize.

    What's the tournament structure

    That depends on how many people register. This is, of course, also open to discussion. The current plan is to have a double elimination bracket. The first round will be a 'qualifying' round to get rid of possibly byes. If the number is too messed up for double elimination then we'll switch to either single elimination, swiss-style, or roundrobin.

    The brackets will be posted on challonge and I will notify participants when their round is ready.

    What are the rules?

    Warning: This part is rather lengthy.

    The rules are still under construction, but they're open to discussion.

    Basic Rules

    In the following, a round is one game and a match is the grouping of them, i.e. the best of 3 match-up.

    • 1 vs. 1
    • 3 stocks per round
    • 8 minute timer
    • Best of 3 for regular matches, best of 5 for grand finals
    • Custom moves are allowed. Miis and Palutena allowed too.
    • No items
    • No custom equips.
    • Played online. Local play could also be possible.
    • If the match is very laggy, an extra match could be allotted through mutual consensus. The laggy match would not count towards the score.
    • Both players are to report their results to this thread or via private message. They must be identical.
    • You can pick any character you want. You don't have to stick to a single character the entire time.
    • If an opponent is inactive for a match for more than 24 hours since the match started, then the active player receives the win for the entire match. Be sure to contact me first though. This is one of those things I'll be extremely lenient about.

    Stage Picking

    The first round's stage is picked randomly. The subsequent stages are picked by the round's loser. In both cases, the stage should be a legal stage as defined below.

    Gentleman's Rule is applied. In other words, if both players agree to playing a banned stage, then they can play it.

    Legal Stages (NOT FINAL)

    Hopefully based on NA names. A question mark means that the stage is one that I'm not too keen on its legality. Granted, this currently applies to everything.

    • All 'Omega' forms of stages
    • Final Destination
    • Battlefield
    • Yoshi's Island
    • Arena Ferox
    • Prism Tower
    • Reset Bomb Forest

    The rest of the stages are banned.

    Conclusions, Final Words

    Now that you know the rules you should probably know some miscellaneous things:

    • This thread will be used to sign up. In order to sign up, just post your preferred display name and your 3DS friend code.
    • Everyone is encouraged to sign up and join. The whole point is just to have fun.
    • The brackets will be posted here.
    • By signing up, you're implicitly guaranteeing availability of the game by launch :p
    • In the event of your opponent breaking the rules, please contact me. I'll see if I can sort it out.
    • Sign-ups close October 3rd.
    • Rules aren't final and could possibly be edited mid-tournament if needed.
    Last edited by Locked; 2014-10-10 at 04:30 PM. Reason: more banned stages

  2. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    It appears your Display Name is your 3DS's Mii name (To be honest, I forget if you can even change that after it's registered, I've never really cared for Miis). It doesn't appear to have a setting to change your display name, but I also haven't looked into it too much. If you can change your set up Mii with your account, changing that will likely change your display name in game, but there doesn't appear to be the option in game.

    Is Jungle Japes that terrible 3 platform map with the river at the bottom? I don't know how that map is still in the game, and I'm pretty adamant against that map. I vote for it to be banned .-.

  3. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    Allow me to be the first to sign up.

    Display Name: DustinxD (It's Dustin☆ in game.)

    3DS Friend Code: 4425-1517-8907

  4. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    I'm in!

    Display Name: Mazz

    3DS FC: 1907 - 9247 - 2444

  5. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    I'm not against the idea of banning it per se. I'd need more experience with the full game in my hands to fully make that decision. For all I know, the stages with a question mark are worse than I've seen them on stream and they'd all get banned. Gentleman's rule is still in place obv.

    Also, I've added both of you to the challonge bracket.

  6. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    Display Name: Hypermug

    Friend Code: 1263-6694-8150

  7. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up


    Oh, I forgot to add my info.

    Display Name: レユナ
    Friend Code: 1521-4457-7984

  8. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    I am up for this.

    Friend Code: 3239 - 3171 - 3243
    Display Name: Seelegewhr (damn the 10 character limit)

  9. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    I'm not sure how much of an issue it'll be (I've heard the online for this is pretty good) but it might be worth considering grouping people according to location, if nothing else at least for the initial matches. I'm not sure if there'll be enough participants to make it really worthwhile though. I'm mostly just worried about causing a laggy match for whoever I'm supposed to be fighting, since most people are going to be from the US and I'm ~4000 miles away. Dunno how the internet is at my student house for this year either ;_;

  10. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    When I was playing online randomly, it was about 50/50 for a laggy match compared to a normal match; but that was also a 4p FFA, and if everyone is all over the place in the world I would imagine it would cause more lag. However, when I did a 1v1 with my friend (who lives on the opposite side of the US from me), the match was literally flawless. There was no noticeable input delay, it felt like we were in the same room.

    So when dealing with 1v1 matches, it may solely depend on how well each of your connections are.

  11. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    Aww I actually really enjoy items :( Sign me up regardless!

    Display: Alacion
    FC: 0216-0918-5299

  12. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    You bet your ass I'm gonna join. I'll post my 3DS info later, it's not on me right now.

  13. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    I'll join =]

    Display Name: Magdiel

    Friend Code: 3394-3753-7830

  14. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    Display Name: Ethan
    Friend Code: 1118-0263-7394

    I'm so ready to be completely demolished.

  15. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up


    2165 - 6255 - 6965

    villager only final destination

  16. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    My internet speed is pretty bad here compared to at home (10mbps download, 1.5 upload, 1ms ping to nearest speedtest server thing though, so that's nice), but it seems stable. I don't lag at all playing Mario Kart 8 online so hopefully that's some indication of how it'll work for Smash. I just don't want to pineapple it up for whoever I'm supposed to be fighting xD

  17. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
    IGN: MariettaRC
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Bowmistress
    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: KoopaEmpire

    Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    I'm going to lose so hard but whatever, it's all in good fun. It should also help me prepare for another tournament I signed up for... >_> <_<


  18. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    I added everyone to the challonge bracket.

    A couple of things.

    I'm still missing @Justin;'s and @Untradeable;'s info.
    I was watching the Smash 4 Direct again and noticed that you can set up the rules for 'friends' matches however you'd like. This means that custom moves could be allowed so I'm adding that to the rules.

  19. Default Re: Smash 3DS Tournament Sign-Up

    Display Name: Mark



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