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  1. Gack ack ack ack!
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    Default Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Figured I would start this topic here. I have no idea if anyone on this board is as excited for this game as I am, but I absolutely can't wait. Quite honestly though, I don't really understand why they're not marketing it for the WiiU. There's nothing wrong with the 3DS, but if I have a choice, I'd rather play Monster Hunter on my 60" plasma rather than a piddly handheld screen. I play 3 Ultimate regularly and I absolutely love how big the gamepad screen is, because I can keep my combo/item panels on it and keep the map on my screen. Makes it much easier when a monster is painted and I'm using the Capture Guru skill.

    Anyway, I'm usually strapped for time because of being in school and having a newborn, so I don't have time to sit down and research the games I really like anymore. If anyone else has any other news I may not know for this game, I'd be ever-so-grateful if you'd post it here. If this thread doesn't get much attention, oh well. We'll let the purge monster eat it.

  2. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I was gonna wait a bit longer before I made this thread (the JP release, to be honest).

    That being said, I can compile a list of some new MH4 features later on, when I get some time. I'm gonna leave a picture of this fabulous N3DS that's coming for MH4G, maybe US will get something similar:

    Also will probably be in MH4U because Nintendo and Sega are pals even in the US nowadays.

    And also


    Okay, so I'm going to provide some general information for the Monster Hunter fans among us. I've played a lot of Monster Hunter 4, and plan to get Monster Hunter 4G on release, so I've got a good bit of experience in the game overall, and can provide some decent information.
    New Weapons
    New Features

    That's all I've got for now. If you want information on anything specific that I didn't address, please let me know.
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  3. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Holy crapola. Monster Hunter 4G/Ultimate is a cameo festola now.


  4. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    So those costumes will be available for the North American version of the game, right? I must have them.

    Anyways, went out and preordered the Collector's Edition of the game yesterday. Can't wait! Q1 2015 cannot come soon enough.

  5. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    They might not be costumes. There's downloadable cats in P3rd (when the feature was introduced) and MH4, so Isabelle and Mr.Resetti may just be cats you download from the DLC menu.

  6. Gack ack ack ack!
    IGN: Diatonics
    Server: Broa
    Level: 202
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Influx
    Alliance: Essence
    Farm: GrowsTurds

    Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    You know, I'm going to have to agree about the monster riding thing. That just sounds awful. I'm trying to imagine if they had implemented something similar on 3 Ultimate, and it makes me cringe. I can't even imagine how something like that would've worked. o_O Although I will say the feral monster system sounds pretty interesting. Is there a list of what monsters will be returning in 4G?

  7. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    The Feral Monster system is awesome. I love it. It makes monsters like Congalala dangerous again because they can get massive speed boosts as well as doing some unexpected stuff. It's a pretty good system, probably the best thing they've added in this generation.

    There's not a complete list, since the game isn't out yet (they tend to sneak in a few usually), but I'll try to list below what I know is back:
    Returning Monsters

    There's others that may be back. Like Blangonga. The reason I say Blangonga is probably back is because they didn't have enough ice monsters before, and now that there's a desert (there was no desert in MH4) there's no reason his sub can't exist too (Desert Blangonga). So I expect him to be back, as well as Shogun Ceanataur, because why would only one crab return?

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    Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    pre-ordered it. never got far enough into 3U, but only because i didn't enjoy going solo so much.

  9. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I'm not sure if I'm going to get the English version of the game. I intend to get the New 3DS though (the one I posted a screenshot of earlier), I've already preordered it. So when the game comes out in Japan you guys can feel free to shoot me questions, but I'm not sure we'll be able to hunt together when it comes out in the US. That remains to be seen. I'll get the game for the sake of supporting it in the west but I dunno if I'll actually play it much because of all the time sunk into the JP version at that point.

  10. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    New info released:

    From what I can tell:

    In Yukumo (the new town), a new shop has been added. This shop gains special items over time, which you can then buy. These items, at least so far, are the following:

    Disposable Earplugs: You can use these once during a fight, and they will block one roar for you.
    Super Big Lifepowder: Name kinda gives it away, it's a really big lifepowder that heals a lot for the whole group.
    Some thingy: I have no idea what the third item is. The translations I get are confusing at best. It seems to be something related to the Yukumo spring, and healing abnormal states. Maybe you use it to recover from anything?

  11. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    If only this were released on the Wii U.
    I will never in my life purchase a hand held console. :l

  12. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Monster Hunter 4's now for 29.99$ off of Amazon.

  13. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Nintendo Direct (JP only to my knowledge) in the next 10 minutes for MH4G. I can post what's announced after if wanted.

    Edit: was alright.

    They went over the N3DS features and how they relate to MH4G. They basically had a demo guild quest where someone used the N3DS C-Stick and such. It worked as expected, however it showed Diablos and the desert terrains for the Guild Quests (which were originally only in a forest-type area). Diablos looks pretty much identical to how he used to be except his un-digging attack differs a little from how it used to be. Nothing really spectacular there.

    Then they did a run in Dodoruma (spelling might be wrong), the old town area that was present in MHDos-MHFU. The larger arena area has been changed to include a special new ballista system, that you load using cannonballs from the map. You fill it into the two slots on it, and can fire it at any time, but it can store up to 20 cannonballs. The ballista can be moved around on the map using buttons on the side of the contraption, and rail tracks over the map (that look to be destroyable by the monster). Its aim is set based on where it is on the map. It looks pretty cool but it seems to be extremely time consuming for little reward.

    They went over 4 collaboration events that are going to happen that weren't in previous games.
    1) Some anime I've never heard of. It gets a fancy HH, with special note icons and looks kinda cool. I don't know more, the name banner they used was completely in Japanese and I didn't see it long enough to give a good look over the name.
    2) Sonic Cat outfit (which was previously announced) will give your cat Sonic sound effects for when he moves, jumps, attacks, and takes damage. Kinda cool but I can see that getting ridiculously annoying. But cool regardless.
    3) Resetti and Isabelle also get their own sound effects and they showed them off a little. I'm pretty sure they're cats you will get through the downloadable menu for free, and can recruit them from the cat farm.
    4) Metroid. There's going to be Varia Suit and Zero Suit Samus outfits. Most likely the Male version will be Varia and female version will be Zero Suit, however I don't know for certain (makes sense though). There's also a Suit Cannon HBG that changes the cannon based on the shots loaded into it, which is really cool.

    Overall they didn't really announce anything new though. A few new collabs are nice but not really that big of a deal (in my opinion). Was hoping for a monster reveal or new trailer. I guess I'll have to wait about a week before I get to see what's in and what's not for certain.

  14. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Regarding that hunting horn, it's a cameo weapon for the Taiko no Tatsujin (Taiko: Drum Master for the English localizations) game series. It's a drumming rhythm game series that plays kinda like Donkey Konga for GCN.

  15. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I'm really looking forward to getting this game, but I think I'm going to have to wait until the new 3DS model comes out. I couldn't play without a camera stick on the 3DS version of MH3U. It was just too frustrating messing with the camera controls in it. If that MH4U New 3DS XL model comes to the US, though, I might get it. It's sexy.

  16. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I wouldn't be surprised if they schedule the release of 4U at the same time as the N3DS in US, just like they did in Japan.

    Although, @Link;, did you try it with the Circle Pad Pro? Game is a lot easier to play with it. I couldn't touch MH4 without it.

  17. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Nope. By the time I got around to trying to take the 3DS version of MH3U seriously, the new 3DS was already announced. I figured I'll just wait rather than spend $30 on a tool for a handheld I won't be using anymore after it.

  18. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Ah, makes sense. Wasn't sure how long ago you tried.

  19. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Final Fantasy Collab gear.

  20. Default Re: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Is this game a cosplay genre or something? By the time the game is released, there will be more promotional cosplay than there are of original costumes.



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