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    So, heres the problem: When i launch MapleStory (by the site or Game launcher) and i click play, nothing happens! And when i see the processes, the process "MapleStory.exe" just disappears. When i click play the processe start, then it suddenly desapears and nothing happens: No erros, nothing shows up!

    Here is what i've already tried:

    -Executing with all compatibility modes, as admin (game launcher and MapleStory.exe)
    -redownloading, reinstalling, rebooting
    -Renaming the Patcher
    -Instaling Maple in other places
    -Using Steam
    -Disabling antivirus and firewall (Panda antivirus)
    -updating manually Black Cipher and Hackshield
    -Some sites say to disable Microsoft Loopback Adapter but i dont have it.
    -i have Windows 8.1, but i have already tried intalling Windows 7 and it still doesn't launched (on Windows 7 it shows "Error report")
    -i have tried runing on diferent virtual machines too!
    -sending a ticket to nexon

    I really don't know what to do, does anyone knows how to fix this?


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    Default Re: Maple Doesn't Launch!

    I believe you need to update your NexonGuard subdirectory, but I'm not sure they have a manual patcher for that.

    Also, try looking in the Nexon Forum's Technical Support section for people with the same problem and the solutions given to them.

    Good luck.



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