After leaving Maplestory for nearly three years, I decided to come back to see how the game has changed. I didn't remember my password so I requested a reset. My email attached to the account was an @aim.com domain email and had been deactivated up until this point. Once i regained access to this email, I waited to see if I received email and nothing came into my inbox for several days. I asked around on the aol help forums about possible blocks of certain domain names and made all the changes to filters that they instructed. I also added all of the nexon emails to my contacts in case they were being blocked. I tested this on another aim email with an old account with the same identical scenario and the email came right though. I would send in a ticket if I could, but I can't remember the password to my nexon account. Is there an answer to this problem that I don't know of? Am I out of luck?

Thank you