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  1. Default Buy this claw for night walker revamp?

    I'm in Scania

    So I wanted to prepare a little bit for the NW revamp coming soon and I saw some pre-scrolled Fafnir Risk Holders for sale. They were +8 with 126 att (scrolled with +5 att scrolls) and were for 750m. Would this be a good purchase or should I just buy a clean one and scroll it myself? I have 2bil at the moment. Roughly how much would it cost to scroll something like that myself? I realize there are better scrolls out there like the prime scrolls or +7 att spell traces, but I don't plan on going super hard core and I expect that it would be ludicrously expensive to scroll or find something like that. Or should I just forget about getting a weapon for now and get other equips?

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    Default Re: Buy this claw for night walker revamp?

    Buying the spell traces from FM, it cost me less than 2 mill per scroll for the 5 att using the spell trace system. I have seen some say Diligence and the Guild system bonus for success rate effects Spell Trace scrolls and I have seen others who say it does not. I have been fairly lucky using it for scrolling items for mules myself. Looks like you could find a clean one in scania for between 300-400mill so I would be tempted to try self scrolling first.

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    Currently spell traces don't count as scrolls, it can be tested on those RA armor with "every scroll succeeds" effect.
    In KMS they've stated on the official site that it works for them, I believe
    Hopefully gets fixed for us too

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    Yeah I just realized that the +5 att scrolls are 70% when I thought they were the 30% ones, haha. I'd much rather do it myself in that case.



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