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    I've now added a bossing section. If some of you could help fill me in on the itsy bitsy details for party voyages, particularly duration, regions, no. of bosses, rewards... what waves there are and how long they take (lolnojk dun bother about the last 2).


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    Has anyone else had the occasional Lith Harbor run energy not deducted?

    Sometimes after I complete my 3 Lith runs for the day, I see that I still have 40 energy. At first, I thought my memory was faulty and I only did two runs, but looking at the trade goods I can see that I have indeed traded 18 items.
    This happens once or twice a week (so, about 1 in 10 or 20 runs). I can't see any notice about it [being some kind of reward] in the chat, so I assume it's a glitch. No idea what triggers it, as I do everything the same every day.

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    If you skip a day of voyages, the first run you complete the next day will not consume energy (from my experience).

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    This is a daily occurrence for me, only the first run, only Lith Harbor.

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    My brain derps hard at this phrase, what do you mean with these. Excuse my brain lack of will to understand.

    Edit: Nvm, should have read the whole thing first :P.

    Anyway whats the catch up time in the 34 days it takes to improve to sailboat? Or should i just forget the whole idea of upgrading it and keep the first boat if i want the most denaros in the shortest time?

    Edit2: The Denaros per run in the bosses routes its profit or profit+inversion? Also including how many runs per day you can do in it would be good to help calculate what route you could pick.

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    There is no catch up time if you merely improve to Sailboat, because you still only have 4 Cargo Spaces.

    Inversion? It's net profit per day i.e. what you get from your trips. I did not include any party voyages, and cost of goods are irrelevant for solo voyages. You earn no bonus Denaros for merely defeating any boss.

    The answer to your last part is already there on my post. Each setup is self-explanatory. You do all those trades in a setup, and in there it shows you what bosses you fight, Vessel EXP and total Denaros earned.


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    Is it only the higher leveled Bosses (Rien + Lith Harbor voyages) that drops SW gear? Do the weaker version of Grosso Polpo (v1) drop any SW? Or are SW only obtainable through party voyages

  8. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 250
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Dominion

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    All the bosses, including the weaker Grosso Polpo, can drop SW gear. Can't really tell whether it's a lower drop rate than the other bosses, they're all vanishingly small.
    The party voyages drop them a lot more often.

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    That's kind of an understatement! I've been doing daily Rosa voyages ever since last February I believe, never missing a day... and I've gotten... 3... just three SW equips. ಠ_ಠ

    Oh, plus back in September I setup one of my mules to do daily Rosa voyages, so basically about double the usual that for the past two and a half months.

    I think I got my Dreadnaught back around August or something like that... now presently at level four.

    One thing to keep in mind is that if your range isn't very high it may not be the best idea to upgrade to the Dreadnaught, because it'll reset the one uber buff back down to level 1, so then it only lasts like 10 seconds and it'll take FOREVER to get it all the way back up, which could potentially limit your bossing options.

    ...but, on the flip side, when you get the Dreadnaught you can carry 6 items so you can make more Denaro.

    Commerci voyages are one of the most important things in the game by the by, as far as generating epic tons of mesos... in fact they're potentially ~the~ biggest money maker in the game. Basically every time you clock at around 300 Denaro you should buy a SW tattoo or glasses for 250 Denaro, which can then be sold quite quickly in the FM for 300+ mill on average. Doing all Rosa runs (so you can also get some boss drops) only takes around 20 to 30 minutes and it you do it on mules as well you can start generating countless billions of mesos very fast.

    Necro equip drops in the Evo Lab might generate a bit more, but that requires a maxed out equip inventory and lots of drop rate increasers in order to really outclass what you can get with Commerci runs.

    ...referring to regular players of course. If you're fully funded you can do CRA runs and potentially make more (although CRA equips have plummeted quite a bit in the past year).

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    isn't the fastest way to dreadnought 4xrien? that's 6000 instead of 4500

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    The data has changed, but I'm unable to access MS so I cannot validate the changes. Take it that these are old data.


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    Anyone know how different is comerci from this guide to now? What are the differences? I think EMS is on the comerci you guys had at v173, anything changed the last 2 patchs? Thanks in advance!



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