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  1. Default Commerci Solo Voyages


    Commerci is a town beyond the portal of Tyrenum. It is accessed after a very long string of quests from Crimsonheart Castle and then Gollux. The Commerci voyages are accessible after completing a chain of quests in Commerci itself. The primary reward earned from the voyages are Commerci coins, called Denaros, as well as rare Sweetwater equipment and other treasures. There are 2 types of Commerci voyages:

    1) Solo voyages, in which you sail in your own vessel to various destinations of your choice (within energy constraints), transporting various goods to earn Denaros.
    2) Party voyages, which are held in a private channel, in which you fight monsters and bosses in a party of 3 and above, not dissimilar to solo voyages. The details of this are not in this discussion yet (WIP).

    Commerci Voyage - The Voyage

    The voyage itself is basically a movement- and jump-standardised map (that is, move speed and jump are always 100%) where monsters spawn in waves. A solo voyage requires the player to not deplete their death count, and complete the voyage in the required time (i.e. the voyage duration). Killing the monsters is entirely optional but it is most rewarding if you do, and as quickly as possible. A successful voyage will earn you Denaros based on the goods transported as well as how quickly you complete the voyage, treasures (e.g. Superior Item Crystal, dropped from bosses), profit (i.e. all the mesoes picked up), as well as any looted items (e.g. spell essences). You gain bonus EXP and looted items (that is, Combo and Multi Kills only, spell essences etc.) immediately, while monster EXP (and all bonuses tied immediately to it e.g. Elven Blessing, Zero Character Card, EXP buffs etc.), treasures and profit are gained cumulatively at the end of the voyage after speaking to the NPC, Maestra Flametta.

    A failed voyage (from disconnecting or expending all your death counts) will incur no loss of Denaros, but you gain no treasures, profit, vessel EXP or monster EXP. However, you do earn bonus EXP and looted items from directly from the kill.

    You need to have space in EQUIP and ETC to collect the respective treasures and Denaros from the NPC. Also, a reminder from SaptaZapta: You cannot drop items during the voyage. Keep some inventory space free if you're keen on collecting items, else you're screwed. (This does not apply to treasures, except the occasional odd non-sealed Cubic (Chaos) Blades, which are ETC items).

    The voyage duration is split into the actual voyage duration -- the total time taken to kill all the monsters, and shortened voyage duration -- the time saved from the expected total voyage duration. If your actual voyage duration is half the total voyage duration, you will earn the full Denaro bonus, the amount which is dependent on the Region (vide infra). From the start of the voyage, the vessel will proceed for 3-5 seconds (counted in the actual voyage time) before monster waves appear, and this process repeats after the end of every monster wave. The actual voyage timer never stops, and the (cumulative) shortened voyage duration is calculated the moment the last monster of the monster wave is killed (affected by latency). Please note that the Endless Waves, which spawns monsters endlessly (vide infra), do not allow you to shorten the voyage duration.

    Commerci Voyage - Your Vessel

    Vessel Energy

    Your vessel has a limited energy that allows you to embark on solo voyages. This energy replenishes everyday at midnight. You must have at least the required amount of energy needed for the destination before you are allowed to sail. For example, if you have 25 energy you may sail to Herb Town (requires 25 Energy) but you may not sail to Rein (requires 30 Energy).

    The Cargo Skiff and Sailboat have 100 energy, and the Dreadnought has 120 energy. Please note that Energy is consumed upon starting a voyage, regardless of whether the voyages is successful or not. Interestingly, when you upgrade your vessel, your Energy resets!

    Vessel EXP and Level

    Your vessel can earn EXP and level up too! The more energy-expending the trip (i.e. the farther the trade destination), the more EXP you earn. To be precise, the Vessel EXP earned per trip is equivalent to the total voyage duration (in seconds). For example, the farthest destination, Lith Harbour, has a total voyage duration of 31 min 40 sec, so the total Vessel EXP gained is 1900 EXP. This Vessel EXP is awarded the moment the voyage is complete i.e. right at the end of the voyage before you leave your ship. Please note that failed voyages (e.g. due to disconnection) will not earn you any Vessel EXP.

    Levelling up your vessel provides several benefits.

    1) Your vessel skill(s) increase in damage, or hit more enemies
    2) At level 10 of your vessel, you can upgrade your vessel to the next type, which gains more vessel skills and attack power
    3) Your cargo space increases, from 2 (Cargo Skiff level 1 and 2 only), to 4, up to a maximum of 6 for the Dreadnought (level 1 onwards), thus allowing for more goods to be traded and earning more Denaros

    The amount of EXP required to level your vessel increases as you progress. The exact amounts, as well as the upgrade cost in Denaros, are tabulated below:

    LevelCargo SkiffSailboatDreadnought
    Upgrade Cost-200 Denaros500 Denaros

    You can access your Vessel stats from the Equipment UI. Please note that, unlike normal character levelling, excess EXP from levelling will not carry over to the next level. For example, if you have 14000 EXP on your Cargo Skiff level 6, you only need 180 vessel EXP to level your Cargo Skiff to level 7. Going to Herb Town should have gained you 1000 EXP, but you will instead level up your Cargo Skiff to level 7 and start at 0/19803 i.e. you would have wasted 820 EXP.

    Vessel Skills

    The skills available are:

    Fire Cannon
    Description: Use this to fire cannons installed on the vessel. [+1 enemies hit per level]
    Level 1: Max Enemies Hit: 2, Cooldown: 25 sec.
    Level 10:: Max Enemies Hit: 11, Cooldown: 25 sec. Master Level: 10. [Deals ~3000-4000% damage]

    Emboldening Horn Flute
    Description: A horn flute roars in the distance and ATT increases. [+2 sec duration per level]
    Level 1: Character’s ATT: +100, Duration: 12 sec, Cooldown: 60 sec. Master Level: 10.
    Level 10: Character’s ATT: +100, Duration: 30 sec, Cooldown: 60 sec. Master Level: 10.

    Magic Arrow Shower
    Description: Magic arrows shower down from the sky like rain. [+1000 damage per level]
    Level 1: Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 21000, Cooldown: 45 sec. Master Level: 10.
    Level 10: Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 30000, Cooldown: 45 sec. Master Level: 10.

    The Cargo Skiff only has Fire Cannon, while the Sailboat has Fire Cannon and Emboldening Horn Flute. The Dreadnought has all 3 skills.

    Fire Cannon is a useful and fast large-damage skill for bossing, dealing somewhere around 3000-5000 % damage, and Emboldening Horn Flute is very valuable for bossing.

    Commerci Voyages - The Details


    There are 6 different Regions, each given access as you slowly progress as you complete a required amount of trades from the earlier Region, and (except for Luna) pay a sum of Denaros for a Trade Permit. You start off with Dolce only. It helps to note that completing 10 successful runs of Dolce from the start allows you to access Luna immediately the next day, and levels your Cargo Skiff to level 2. It is Nexon's way of providing baby steps.

    The table below provides all the data for all Commerci Regions.

    RegionVoyage DurationVessel EXPEnergy ConsumedEXP/EnergyTrading ConditionsTrade Permit CostMax. Bonus Denaros
    Dolce3 min1801018--1
    Luna5 min300122510 trades to Dolce-2
    Rosa7 min420152815 trades to Luna202
    Herb Town16 min 40 sec1000254020 trades to Rosa503
    Rien Harbour21 min 40 sec13003043.325 trades to Herb Town803
    Lith Harbour31 min 40 sec19004047.515 trades to Lith Harbour1203

    Unconfirmed data, for Rien and Lith Harbours only

    Trade Goods

    At the start, you get to trade Commerci Soap, a generic Trade Good which costs 5 Denaros each for a total of 10 Denaros for 2 Commerci Soap. Commerci Soap has a profit margin of 10% i.e. 0.5 Denaros per Soap, so transporting 2 Commerci Soap will provide you a guaranteed income of 1 Denaro. You will first lose 10 Denaros (not indicated on the chat log but actually physically removed if you check your inventory). Upon successfully completing your voyage in a reasonable amount of time you will earn 12 Denaros, 10 for the cost of the Commerci Soaps, 1 for the guaranteed income i.e. the marked profit, and 1 bonus Denaro for the shortened voyage. Please note that failed voyages also consume the traded goods.

    As you progress, you get to trade more and more goods, each with their stipulated costs, quantity, profit margins and Regions. Some are restricted to their area only, while some are freely tradeable but have differing profit margins. Note that upon gaining access to Trade Goods from a farther Region, you may trade the item in a closer Region (assuming it is tradeable). The table below provides all the data for all the trade goods.

    ItemCommerci SoapStylish GlassesBlack PepperCanned FishOrganic LeatherColonia PrimoMoneta RootTensile NetBlood Pirate Scimitar
    Cost5 Denaros10 Denaros5 Denaros5 Denaros10 Denaros10 Denaros10 Denaros10 Denaros10 Denaros
    Item Count9911112244
    Profit Margin0.110%/20%10%/20%10%/20%
    Herb Town0.5210.5--1--
    Rien Harbour0.510.50.5---1-
    Lith Harbour0.510.51----1

    You may also trade Personal Items, dropped from bosses as a rare reward, which give a large amount of Denaros at no starting Denaro cost.

    Please note that to trade these goods, you must have a starting sum of Denaros, not unlike starting a business with a capital first. If you want to continue earning Denaros efficiently from solo voyages, you must keep at least 40 Denaros with you, and to earn any profit at all you must have at least 5 Denaros. Do not spend it all elsewhere.


    During your voyages, you will encounter various monster waves, either pirates, sirens, a mix of both, and various bosses. The monster waves are always the same between each voyage to the Region, but the order in which the waves spawn can vary. Monster waves have slightly varying spawn location, either at the front or the back of the vessel, but this does not apply to endless spawns or bosses. You can see what monsters you will encounter by hovering over the Regions in the Trade Map.

    As mentioned, the endlessly spawning monster waves do not allow you to shorten the voyage duration, however they do allow the player to kill significant numbers of monsters, usually amounting to 50-60 if you can kill them in 1 hit. They spawn every 1 second or so (affected by latency), and always spawn 1 Captain Blood Pirate and 1 Siren together each time.

    The bosses in the voyages have fixed stats, whereas most other monsters have levelled stats i.e. their attack and EXP will depend on your level. Unlike Extreme Monster Park, Evolution Word and Dimensional Invasion, there is no level cap to these monsters. The list of monsters and their details is given below.

    List of Monsters and their Details

    The following spoilers also detail the monster waves that spawn in each Region, and the amount of time needed to kill each wave. Again note that the waves appear in random order.

    Monster Waves by Region

    Commerci Voyages - Rewards

    Below is a list of rewards that one may earn from a successful voyage. Remember to have some empty inventory spaces!
    Vessel EXP
    - Awarded immediately right at the end of a successful voyage, before being transported back to the NPC. Amount depends on Region

    Character EXP
    - Includes base monster EXP, and bonuses from Zero Character Card, Elven Blessing, EXP events, EXP cards, EXP buffs, EXP potions, Pendant of the Spirit, Crusader Zeal Ring, and any other sources of EXP that directly affect EXP awarded by individual monsters (i.e. all the EXP sources that come immediately after the base monster EXP of that one monster, before the next monster's base EXP)
    - Does not show up on the bottom right of your screen when monster is killed, and is instead awarded by NPC at the end of the voyage
    - Does not include Multi Kill or Combo Kill bonuses (they do show up on the bottom right of your screen and are awarded immediately instead on killing the monsters).
    - Generally speaking, it is a decent source of EXP, not unlike Dimensional Invasion, due to the large number of monsters killed in the short span of the (actual) voyage duration (or at least, for the earlier Regions)

    Profit (i.e. mesoes)
    - Dropped by all monsters (including Coral Crabs, except Ocean and Coral Reef Runners). Bosses drop larger amounts. Collect from NPC

    Common items
    - Spell Traces, Spell Essences (all types), Mana Essences
    - Dropped from all non-boss monsters (except Ocean and Coral Reef Runners)
    - Bosses occasionally drop the odd non-sealed Cubic (Chaos) Blades, which count as a common item although it is also a treasure
    - Obtained on the spot, not from the NPC.

    - Sealed Cubic (Chaos) Blades (which are USE items that give one of the respective Cubic Blades when consumed)
    - Cube Fragment
    - Superior Item Crystal
    - Sweetwater equipment (Hat, Overall, Glove, Shoe, Cape, Weapons)
    - Transposition Anvils (50% success, used to transpose Level 140+ equipment to Sweetwater equipment)
    - Personal Goods (e.g. Treasure Map, Iridescent Scale, which give a large amount of Denaro when traded irrespective of Region; takes up 1 Cargo Space and is consumed upon trade)
    - Dropped from bosses only
    - Awarded by the NPC at the end of the voyage

    Commerci Voyages - Making Denaros

    The tables below analyses the best ways to make Denaros from solo voyages, for Cargo Skiff (level 3+), Sailboat and Dreadnought.

    Cargo Skiff and Sailboat Setups

    Cargo Skiff and Sailboat

    The most profitable setups in this case, in increasing order of Vessel EXP earned, are:

    Setup A - Fastest but no bosses and least monsters and EXP

    Setup B - Similar to Setup A but more monsters and EXP

    Setup C - Similar to Setup B but 2 easy bosses

    Setup D - 3 bosses and most monster and EXP but slowest

    All of these setups constitute 100 Energy, and gives you 33 Denaros a day. Choose your setup based on your needs: whether you want to kill bosses, whether you can kill the bosses (or if you don't mind waiting it out), how much time you have on hand, and how much Vessel EXP and monster EXP you want.

    Note that if you choose not to proceed beyond Luna, then you cannot trade the Stylish Glasses, and you can only earn 32 Denaros a day and you cannot use the third or fourth setups.



    The most profitable setup is clearly:
    Luna: Organic Leather x 1, Stylish Glasses x 1, Commerci Soap x 4
    11 x Luna: Commerci Soap x 6

    Which constitutes 120 Energy, and gives you 51 Denaros a day, along with 3,600 Vessel EXP. No other setups can earn this much Denaros. However, you encounter no bosses this way.

    Note that if you choose not to proceed beyond Luna, then you cannot trade the Stylish Glasses, and thus you can only earn up to 50 Denaros a day. This, however, would take an enormous amount of time for one to achieve the Dreadnought, at over 1680 days i.e. over 4.5 years, and approximately the same amount of time again to reach level 10 Dreadnought.

    Commerci Voyages - Bossing Runs

    Some players value the Treasures from the bosses more than Denaros, especially Sweewater equipment a reliable source of Cubic (Chaos) Blades. Others may want a reasonable balance of both. The following spoilers detail Voyage Setups that prioritise Bosses over Denaros, for Cargo Skiff and Sailboat.

    Setup E - Easiest and 2nd most Denaros

    Setup F - Mostly easy and the most Denaros

    Setup G - Both V1s only

    Setup H - Mix of easy and hard

    Setup J - Most Bosses (10) and most EXP but least Denaros -- Also used for Vessel powerlevelling

    Setup K - Most V2s and 2nd most EXP but least Denaros

    Setup L - Good Denaros:Bosses Ratio (also 2nd most Denaros)

    Again, pick your choice of Setup based on your abilities and needs.

    It should be noted that the best Boss:Energy Regions are Rein and Lith Harbours, so for Dreadnought bossing it is easier to figure out the Setups based on the most difficult boss you can kill. Thus, 4 Rien Harbour runs or 3 Lith Harbour runs both give 12 bosses, with Rien Harbour runs giving more Denaros. 8 Rosa runs would give 8 Grosso Polpo V1s (and the most Denaros here, at 41), and 3 Lith Harbour runs for 6 Grosso Polpo V2s (also for 3 Leviathan V2s, but the least Denaros, at 21). Unfortunately, there are at most 4 Leviathan V1s in a day, which could come from 4 Rien Harbour runs (most EXP), 4 Herb Town + 1 Rosa runs (most easy bosses), or 1 Rien Harbour + 3 Herb Town + 1 Rosa (more Denaros).

    Commerci Voyages - Levelling up your Vessel

    The best way to earn Vessel EXP and level up and upgrade the Vessel is clearly through trades to the farthest Regions, but this comes at a price of Denaros earned. The player must then consider his/her needs. The very long term benefit obviously demands acquiring the Dreadnought, but that would mean getting much fewer Denaros a day. The more immediate benefits from Luna are immediately accessible, and allow you to purchase a Sweetwater Accessory just slightly under every 8 days on average. With the Dreadnought, you can purchase a Sweetwater Accessory just slightly under every 5 days.

    The most EXP-rewarding setup is 1 Lith Harbour run and 2 Rien Harbour runs for the Cargo Skiff and Sailboat (4500 Vessel EXP), and for the Dreadnought it is definitely 3 Lith Harbour runs (5700 Vessel EXP).

    If the aim of the player is to acquire the Sailboat for the Emboldening Horn Flute skill for optimal bossing and is unconcern about Denaros, then there is no shortage of Denaros. The total cost of acquiring all the permits and upgrading the Vessel is 470 Denaros, but in the course of reaching acquiring Lith Harbour and reaching level 10 Cargo Skiff, one would have gained over 600 Denaros at the minimum. If, however, the aim is to achieve the most amount of Denaros for farming in the long run, then Dreadnought is the way to go.

    Getting the Sailboat

    The optimised levelling breakdown to a Sailboat is given below, requiring 34 days. There is basically very little or no leeway at all to purchase Sweetwater accessories.

    34 days to get Sailboat in the Fastest Way

    Getting the Dreadnought

    The optimised levelling breakdown to a Dreadnought is given below, requiring 88 days (or 1 day less, because Vessel Energy resets when upgrading your Vessel), or a total of 122 days since day 1 (or less 1 day from Energy reset).

    88 days to get Dreadnought in the Fastest Way

    For the sake of comparison and a reality check, in the 115 days that you additionally require to obtain a Dreadnought, the "Luna rusher" (with Herb Town permit) would have obtained 3795 - (1454 - 91) = 2432 Denaros more than you. It would take you 2432/18 = 135.1 days to catch up and break even with the Luna rusher, for a grand total of 257 days.

    Getting Level 10 Dreadnought

    To finish off, we have the powerlevelling to level 10 Dreadnought table, requiring 127 days (or less 1 day from Energy reset), for a grand total of 249 days since Day 1 (247 from Energy resets).

    127 days to get Level 10 Dreadnought in the Fastest Way

    You would gain 2718 Denaros at the end of this 127 days, which is 3772 Denaros less than a Dreadnought farmer. For the sake of comparision, a Dreadnought farmer (i.e. 10 Luna runs a day) would take about 1700 days to reach level 10 Dreadnought i.e. 4.66 years.

    Uni, for his wonderful blog post with the relevant data:
    Many others e.g. SaptaZapta, who have given insight, data and other helpful information along the way.
    I also acknowledge that DavidCrepe in BasilMarket has also created his Commerci Denaro guide earlier, which stands independent from mine.

    140914: First version
    150914: Added section on rewards. Slight reformatting to create the second section on The Voyage. Added Sapta's reminders. Some clarification on monster EXP awarded. Added 8 x Luna setup for Cargo Skiff and Sailboat.
    170914: Reworked the Rewards list and Voyage Setups for the Making Denaros section, and added a Bossing section. Many thanks to @Xsimonsays;.

    Last edited by hadriel; 2014-09-17 at 04:24 AM.

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    Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    Very nice.

    Major thing missing is the boss drops:
    Rare drops:
    - Sweetwater equipment: weapons and armor (as opposed to the accessories that can be purchased for denaro).
    - Upgrade Anvil: a Use item that has a much higher chance of successfully Transposing other level 140+ equipment onto Sweetwater equipment, than doing it with denaro. I believe it's 50% vs. 3% but I don't have a source for that.
    - trade valuables: these are items that go into your vessel's inventory (even though the chat log says they're in your Setup). They are then available to be added to your cargo at any time (but are of course used up once you do trade them). They take up one slot each, and earn a lot of denaro, regardless of voyage destination. The ones I know are: Treasure Map (30 denaro profit) and Iridescent Scale (50 denaro profit).

    Common drops:
    - Cubic Blade / Chaos Cubic Blade. Oddly enough, sometimes you get the ETC item and it goes directly into your inventory, and sometimes you get a Use item which is rewarded by the NPC after the voyage ends (and must be double-clicked in order to turn into the ETC item).
    - Superior Item Crystal
    - Cube Fragment

  3. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    I'll add those in later. I'm exhausted. I would be grateful for more information, particularly the trade valuables. Aren't those obtained from killing bosses?

    I didn't know it dropped the unsealed Cubic Blades. If it shows up as a treasure then it should be obtained after talking to the NPC. Unless they screwed up entirely and only coded for EQUIP and USE and mesoes to enter your storage after the voyage.


  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    Yes, that is why I put them in the list of boss drops. (Go to sleep)

    When the unsealed Cubic Blades drop, they don't show up as treasure (notice in the middle of the screen) but as normal loot (fading scrolling messages on the bottom right).
    Superior Item Crystals and Cube Fragments are Etc items that are rewarded after the voyage, so it's not that kind of a coding issue.

    Also, something to mention is that you can't drop anything in the voyage map. So if you run out of space for normal monster drops, you're screwed.
    Might also want to mention that the map severely limits your speed and jump, for no good reason.

  5. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    Also, a tip for at least Explorer Mages (Or maybe a bug);

    When fighting either Leviathan, you can Jump + Downwards Teleport to go through the bottom of the ship and end up on the "ground" under the water. For some reason, they won't attack while you're down there, but you can still fight them as normal, allowing you to avoid the Super Knockback, Seal, and invincibility frames that might give some players trouble.

  6. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    Party voyages are limited to parties of 3. No more, no less.

    Great guide!

  7. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    In addition to this, Party Voyages are limited to 3 runs per day and do not detract from your ship's Energy.

  8. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    Remind people that party mode Doesn't require denaros, so in case they spent them all, and got the one time refund, they can still get denaros from there to start using them again. Or else people could think they're locked out in hobo mode forever.

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    Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    I'm not sure what you mean by this, but the character EXP gained definitely varies with the monsters killed.
    Normally the variation is very slight, since the waves are fixed, and if you kill everything thrown at you the difference would be at most 2 mobs out of each endless wave. But I just experimented by letting a full endless wave run unmolested, and gained about 2.6m exp less than when I do kill ~60 of them. (That is EXP from Maestra Fiametta only).
    If you meant an exp bonus, besides what you get for monster kills, then say so.

    Also, as far as I know, you don't need to kill any monsters for the voyage to be successful. The only ways to fail are to run out of lives, or disconnect. If you just survive to the end (e.g., afk with auto-pot), you get your vessel EXP and your guaranteed denaro profit, but of course no drops, treasures, meso, bonus denaro, or character EXP (except for the bonus you just hypothesized?)

  10. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    Yes that is indeed what I'm hypothesising. There's a (linear) correlation to the monsters killed but I'm trying to find if the intercept is zero or non-zero. I'll test it with Dolce and Luna later tonight by killing nothing at all. I'm out now and my numbers aren't with me at the moment so I can't show you what I mean.

    I'll include a changelog when I work on it later tonight.


    edit: ok I realised that I used the wrong numbers for the EXP part, in that I forgot that Elven Blessing was 10% I didn't have Elven Blessing, but I had Zero Character Card. The numbers are now correct to <1% error. Thanks Sapta for prodding me on this. The EXP at the end of the trip IS indeed all the monster EXP, subject to Elven Blessing and Zero's card bonus. I'm not sure about EXP potions and buffs but I'm quite certain those go to the NPC too, and you only gain Multi and Combo Kill EXP bonuses on the spot. I think it works that way because the server holds back all individual monsters' EXP sources (e.g. Base, then bonus from potion, bonus from 2X, bonus from blah blah), whereas Multi and Combo Kills are awarded to you as THE final bonus from your attack, after ALL monsters' EXP sources have been dished out (see my other thread for this).
    Last edited by hadriel; 2014-09-15 at 12:56 PM.

  11. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    I will add in the part about Party Voyages and reminders tomorrow. If there are more comments or what you'd like to see, please do put them here. Many thanks to you all, especially @SaptaZapta;!


  12. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    It's Crimsonheart.
    How did you get the HP/EXP values for the mobs at level 200?

  13. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    You can tell how tired I have been, that I can't even correct simple mistakes correctly =.=

    Manually, through a 10-Combo Kill EXP bonus and <50 Multi Kill bonus. Now that I do know how the EXP works, I'm quite frustrated that I can't "de-level" to get the EXP by killing just one mob and getting the EXP from Maestra Flametta. It's just 3 Dolce runs and 1 Luna run, and maybe a Herb Town or one of the later Regions to check the higher HP Ocean Reef Runner.

    Luminous is the class to do this checking because of Blinding Pillar. Won't burn pots continuously, plus MG and all. Paladin's fine too, but I'm nowhere near level 200 now on any other class.


  14. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    For calculating exact HP, it's great if you have an Aran high level enough to use Combo Tempest. I've done that for DIPQ and it works wonders (only level 142 though, I got extremely lazy). I think Ender also works, too.

  15. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    Absolute Kill.


  16. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    I usually call skills by their GMS names, but either way, it's pretty convenient for finding out HP values.

  17. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    Oh drats I didn't see you mentioned Ender already. Damn sorry about that. Skimming about my WoT too much :\


  18. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    I recommend a section for maximizing boss kills while minimizing Denero loss

    This is the setup I use for mules:
    Herb Town: Moneta Root x 2, Black Pepper x 1, Stylish Glasses x 1 = 8
    Rosa: Colonia Primo x 2, Commerci Soap x 2 = 5
    Rosa 4x: Commerci Soap x 4 = 4x4

    Total: 29 deneros + 6 Grosso v1 + levi v1
    This is 4 more grossos at the cost of 4 deneros compared to your best bosses:denero you have in that list

    Also great guide very in depth

  19. Default Re: Commerci Solo Voyages

    They were meant for making the most Denaros a day, and everything else is deprioritised. I'll add this in a bit later. I may want to rethink how to organise this part about voyage setups.

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