I wanted to know what questions you get in the floor 39 since i don't really know every question, it took me a good time searching .
I thinked in put here all the questions(that aren't obvious like asking what class is a explorer one )

Here are some that i got today(and i saw also in MarksmanBryan video)Note: i will try to put other questions that i didn't put here in the beginning.
-Which of these monster is NOT undead?
answer : Snipe of Competence
-Which of these people is NOT a resident in MapleStory?
answer: Carno
-Which of these is NOT a Zero skill?
answer: Mega Power Bomb-already got answer: Moon assault
-Which of these monster is NOT in the Tower of OZ?
answer: Roolang
-Which of these monsters does NOT exist in MapleStory?
answer: Corbie