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  1. Mercury Male
    IGN: Ivangoldes
    Server: Now Bera
    Level: 243
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Olimpo
    Alliance: Aliança
    Farm: Ivangold

    Default Tower of OZ could change?

    I thought a litte about the Tower of OZ and i think it really take too much hours to go further, most players won't do because they don't have too much time and if you see the itens aren't that good(not counting the rings), what do you think they could change there?
    For Exemple, i thought they could change the points that you need to unlock the other slot for stupid pill by half, since it take like 8 hours to unlock, if you go to the last floors you can go without using too much oz points in pills(like using 300 points to go to the boss 10, to farm 8000 points you need go 27 times+/-, that is 27x20 min each run=9hours ).
    Or like trying to incentivate peoples, making it able to go with pts in all stages(just some that you ''can't'', so for floors that are questions, only the leader should answer, or stage like 33 only the leader have the keys and for the 14, everyone need to do their own stage).
    i Also thought that they could change the Dorothy HP, it's impossible for 99% classes to do that with the 1trillion life+, maybe they could change to 300b? and maybe make weapons like the bow that you can get there(210att 1 slot) for all classes.

  2. Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    Would be nice if they gave the option to skip floors that the player previously passed at the cost of a time penalty. I get so tired of having to wait a long time for monsters to spawn, or doing the same jump quest over and over and over and over again.
    I'd also be happy if they gave the option to restart at the floor the player left off at in the event of a game crash or sudden disconnection, too. For some reason spamming dragon barrage tends to make me disconnect on certain floors

  3. Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    The only thing they need to do to fix this is remove the cheap difficulty from certain parts.

    Invisible jump quest is a good example. The floor where you need to remember how many monsters you killed from floor X or so on is another example.

    I don't know who came up with the stages but some of them are just stupid.

  4. Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    Make Finley spawn 1 minute later on 42f and don't make the questions on 43f so f'ucking stupid you need to record your entire run for a chance at getting them right.

    And something to not make an entire run wasted if you crash in the middle, since we all know maple is prone to random DC. Probably lower Dorothy's HP.. say to 800b or flat 1t. Lion on 30f is 30.5b hp and that takes under a minute for me.

    Some stages (13f) should respawn you in the same floor with a time penalty if you die, instead of flat out kicking you. (Although this isn't necessary).

    That's all it needs. There shouldn't be an option to skip stages you've already cleared as that ruins most of the challenge IMO.
    It took me less than a week to unlock all of the pill slots. Those requirements are fine as is.

  5. Peanuts
    IGN: BaconSkewers
    Server: Bera
    Level: 210
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Acrylic
    Alliance: Honour

    Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    I wish they'd split Tower of Oz into a Ranked and a Fun mode.

    Ranked mode would be what we currently have.

    Fun mode would be different in that it will randomize the stages each time you enter. This way, the people who can't clear a certain stage would be able to try all the cool stages, without spending hours and hours grinding to pass a certain stage. I know Nexon spent a good amount of time on this content, so it's a shame that a large percentage of the population can't get to enjoy some of the quirks of the later stages simply because they can't complete a jump quest or something. Another option for the Fun mode would be to go in as a party! I would have a lot of fun watching my friends fall during jump quests. The Fun mode can have very limited rewards or something, or no reward at all.

    I haven't touched Oz since the first week it was out because I don't enjoy grinding the same stages over and over again. It's not worth my time.

  6. Desk Straight Male
    IGN: NatsuEliseo
    Server: Galicia
    Level: 206
    Job: Evan
    Guild: Exploited
    Alliance: Family
    Farm: StarWars

    Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    This could be awesome. I think this is a good example of what Dojo lost, doing it with a party expecting no reward at all was a lot of fun back in the day.

    Or at the very least half some of the ridiculus requirements that require pets or a lot of luck. :/

  7. Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    I would bet there are less than ten in some of the lighter servers and less than twenty in some of the heavier servers that take the Tower of Oz seriously, do it daily or however you want to phrase it. That really is a shame, what was probably devised as (high level) content, is essentially just bloat in the client. The biggest impediment as many have already said, is the sheer amount of time that it takes to get anywhere in the Tower.

    In a game of grinding, this is probably the worst of it. If I want to reach Level 250, it might take two years, but I can do it for an hour, log off, boss, enjoy friends and guildies and a whole slew of other things before come back and put a few more percentage points on the EXP bar. But this, this requires (what I estimate to be) a full two hours plus of uninterrupted commitment of nitpicking and praying to the Gods of RNG. And in the end, what does it net you? 80% of the time nothing, except having to repeat the dull same stages over again, for that slim margin to move further.

    This is the worst type of content, content that has great potential but due to poor mechanics and implementation, nobody, relatively to population, utilizes.


    • Check-out Points where characters can leave the Tower, not just the game, to do other things.
    • Randomization among the floors based on difficulty, e.g. 1-20, 10-30, etc., boss stages excluded. It doesn't make moving up the Tower less tedious, but does introduce variability and a sense of surprise.
    • What Bacon said, his Fun Mode is a great idea.
    • I don't mind invisible platforms, because that is a legitimate JQ challenge, but making random combination or random (correct) portals in a unforgivingly timed JQ shifts the game towards too much luck dependence versus skill dependence or challenge.
    • I could have sworn there were practice rooms implemented, but I guess I remembered incorrectly. So, practice rooms should be added.
    • Rooms need to be "normalized" such that some classes don't get too much of a benefit from their movement skills, particularly in regards to vertical movement.
    • Party Mode. Actually, this thing would be pretty good as a Guild PQ or just a regular PQ, that's what it should have been in the first place.

  8. Neon Atom Straight Male

    IGN: Huskey
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 160
    Job: Aran
    Guild: UndiesPatrol
    Alliance: UndiesUnited

    Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    How about being able to skip stages, but losing time equal to your best/avg time on that stage time 1.5 or 2 (and no rewards for the skipped stage ofc), so that you lose time if you skip it and lower your chances to actually get further, but makes the whole thing a lit less 'obligatory'?

  9. Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    That sounds reasonable.

    Gonna have to agree with everyone on the whole "awesome content, terrible execution". I personally haven't ran in weeks and I'm literally the only person who does it in BelloNova.

    I would pineappleing love if they added a "best time" thing for each stage. I would love competing with myself.

  10. Mercury Male
    IGN: Ivangoldes
    Server: Now Bera
    Level: 243
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Olimpo
    Alliance: Aliança
    Farm: Ivangold

    Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    Do the Lion have 30,5b hp?? i thinked it was 6b , and as far as i know they will put a thing so we can train the stages(all less bosses/resting and 40+) and maybe change the lion hp?
    and kind off of the topic but did anyone get good rings?
    EDIT2:@Bacon, maybe the fun mode could give exp/OZ points but no box, and stages like 43* wouldn't appear, that they could change to just questions that normaly happen(like ask how many mobs you need kill at floor 13).
    *seens that only stage that really need change.

  11. Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    Oh interesting, I didn't know there was a update patch to oz.

    Lame. Only floors I need practicing are above 40 lol :(

  12. Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    This is Maplestory.

  13. Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    I've personally never gone to tower of oz, mainly because the rewards just aren't worth my effort. I doubt it gives any EXP thats worth while for someone level 210.

  14. Mercury Male
    IGN: Ivangoldes
    Server: Now Bera
    Level: 243
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Olimpo
    Alliance: Aliança
    Farm: Ivangold

    Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    EDIT: maybe they could do you lose double point as the floor you get a dc(dc at stage 25, make you use 50 to stay there).
    @off? Do the rings level stay at their level 4ever?Or they level up?

  15. Neon Atom Male
    IGN: TidusAiYuna
    Server: BelloNova
    Level: 204
    Job: Drk
    Guild: Minah<3
    Alliance: Tiffany<3
    Farm: Hyuna<3

    Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    if tower of oz gave good stuff would do 10/10

  16. Mercury Male
    IGN: Ivangoldes
    Server: Now Bera
    Level: 243
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Olimpo
    Alliance: Aliança
    Farm: Ivangold

    Default Re: Tower of OZ could change?

    I thinked, maybe they could do the ''fun mode'' all floors less the rest, bosses and maybe 40+ too? Since they give too much points/exp and just to do like the test thing that will come
    Maybe they could change the required points like: 4k to the second slot/ 18k for the third/ 40k for the quarte slot/ and like 70k or 65k for the last one.



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