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  1. Default RIP EunB of Ladie's Code :(

    For those of you who listen to KPop you might recognize the group Ladie's Code. Sadly yesterday they got into a car crash and one member (EunB) was killed while two other members (RiSe and Sojung) have been in critical condition for many hours. EunB was only 22 years old.

    This is really shocking news to hear. For some reason I always pictured celebrities as invincible people, especially since you hear of so many KPop idols get into crashes but never has there been a death. But I guess this is a reminder we all can go at any time.

    Please pray for EunB and the others involved :(

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    you don't know how crushed I am by this... eunbi has been my favorite Idol for some time and I'm so horrified that this happened.. I'm still in disbelief that this actually happened and I'm praying that rise (pronounced like ree-say) will be fine but honestly things look very gloom.
    I can't even listen to any of their songs right now because I'll just break down. I thought that ladies code had potential to become a top Idol group in Korea, they were all very talented and hard working with very catchy songs and I'm just sad that this pretty much ended things.

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    Default Re: RIP EunB of Ladie's Code :(

    Oh damn that's tragic. So young, so beautiful and so talented.
    I hadn't heard of her before this (I don't follow Kpop) but this is really sad news, I hope the other 2 recover.

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    I was in a pretty good mood today but reading the news really deflated me. I had to read it again because I couldn't believe it.

    Sojung seems okay for now but RiSe still seems touch and go. 9 hours in the operating room and she still needs more. If she does pull through who knows what condition she will be in.

    Ladies Code were just getting started too. I agree, I think they could have made it big. EunB was probably the member I liked most too.

    2014 has been a pretty bad year for K-Pop. Though the fact that all different fans have come together to make a Ladies Code Song No. 1 on the charts because that was what EunB wished for is pretty awesome. Too bad she couldn't be alive to see her dream come true.

    I knew something like this would happen someday. The amount of car crashes/accidents idols are involved in is crazy. They are always all exhausted speeding somewhere in the earlier hours of the morning. They really do need to cut back on schedules.

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    Rise has also died after several days of being unconscious. I was really hoping it wouldn't get any worse.. pineapple. pineapple pineapple pineapple pineapple pineapple.

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    I was really upset about it when the news came out, but what hit me the most was when Sojung apologized for not being able to complete her schedules... She apologized for something so trivial with her skull still fractured. And not to mention the fact that even though Polaris has been hiding the news about EunB from her, she still managed to deduce the situation by herself. RIP RiSe & EunB </3

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    I only know of Rise because she modeled for a character in Vindictus this past January. Pretty tragic to see someone so young pass away so soon.


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    Default Re: RIP EunB of Ladie's Code :(

    wow wth shocking

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    Default Re: RIP EunB of Ladie's Code :(

    I never imagined a K-Pop idol to ever die before...



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