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    Added some browser games to replace our previous attempt at an Arcade.

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    mix feelings about these. I liked the old arcade imo.

    Thanks for the feature.

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    Whats up with this goodgame/facebook knockoff stuff?

    You could be using these games if you want.

    I'm sure there are other sites out there that will let you embed their games as well.

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    Those.... look terrible....

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    Thank you captain obvious. Would next you care to tell us about Plinga and Google?

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    I forgot that the mind of Overlord Eos is hard to sway so he belittles people who have opinions.

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    If pointing out the existence of random things is your idea of persuasive writing it's a good thing you're not an aspiring author or in sales.

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    He also asked why (why this specifically, I assume), which I would also kinda like to know, if that's okay. Mostly because I'd be more inclined to play the games if I didn't have to register with them, which admittedly isn't much of a hurdle, but a hurdle nonetheless.

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    1) Not My Bandwidth (and/or other resources) if it's hosted elsewhere
    2) Wider multiplayer options than just Southperrians
    3) Why yes, there are probably dozens of places if not hundreds, but one has to start somewhere and since they're all going to be unrelated and have their own quirks, issues and registrations it seems a bit more practical to start with one and see if anyone cares than to waste the effort on half a dozen to find out no one did.
    4) These are actually maintained, unlike most of the previous arcade, and, again, because it's not hosted here, I don't have to keep updating them to keep them up to date.

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    Why does everytime Eos attempts to add something he either gets;

    "Useless feature, why?!"

    "This ones better"

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    Because some Southperrians wouldn't be happy if the sky shat gold upon them unless they could complain about the quantity of it.

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    I personally prefer quality over quantity. Be it updated or not, I personally would not play the current selection of games solely because they are not the type of game I would invest time in.

    Also some Southperrians do almost anything they can to help support your website. If you're going to rebuff any sort of minor suggestion or idea that I have then I should just stop trying to help you.
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    If we cared about this, wouldn't we be going to these sites ourselves and not through Southperry then?

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    If you knew they existed, possibly.

    If you were already interested in them and knew using them through Southperry meant throwing us a bone, hopefully not.

    Solo play was one of the reasons people whined about the previous arcade though.



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