Hey there, im new to this forum, but I was wondering if someone could give me some quick advice on my DB. My current level is 153, will probably be 160 within a week or so. I want to know what equips and what sets are going to be effective for me. Mostly I have looking at RA, SW and tyrant gear, but Im not sure what sets I should use where (such as which parts to use for body gear and what to use for equips). I got kinda screwed as I realized kataras dont count towards set effect (DBs would be OP if they did I guess)

Current Equips:

Hat: Royal Assassin Bonnet (RA)
Top: Eagle Eye Assassin Shirt (RA)
Bottom: Trixter Assassin pants (RA)
Weapon 1 (Dagger): Von Leon Dagger
Secondary Weapon (Katara): Fafnir Rapid Edge

Accessories: Full Bounty MASTER set (Glasses, ring, pendant and earrings)

Everything else I have is random gear with dec stats (like +4% LUK shoes)

right now, im sitting on about 250m with some stuff in my shop, but im planning on getting a 50k NX card soon, so Ill probably sell off everything on that to make a few bil.