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    So, my Marksman is sitting at 141 right now, and his range buffed is about 14.5k ~ 19k, unbuffed 12~15k. Now, I'm just wondering what that's good enough to solo in terms of bosses? Of course, right now my Snipe still has a cooldown, so keep that in mind.

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    Things like boss% and PDR would probably help... You might want to get to a higher level and range, I don't think there are too many bosses you could solo with that. What gear do you have?

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    Full Empress set, and Solid Gollux Pendant/Belt.

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    You should be able to take out Normal Zak right now, although it will take awhile. Old school bosses like Pap and Pianus should be no problem for you, but they won't have any worthwhile drops.

    I'd work on leveling up a little bit more and trying to upgrade to a CRA set. Archer gear is typically pretty cheap so you should be able to get the entire set in under 200mil (this is just an estimate, since I'm not familiar with Scania prices). With CRA gear, you can look forward to killing Horntail (I'd try soloing when you're around 160-180).

    Good luck!

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    You may be a bit behind the times. Normal Zak changed in our big summer update. It can be solo'ed at around lvl 100 by most classes if funded. (I could do a full zak solo on a completely unfunded shade mule at about 105.)

    At 141, this guy should solo Zak in under a minute.



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